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When they walked down the hall she wanted to say something, but didn’t want to annoy him if possible. She just took a few desperate glances at him until they got to his place. As she looked around she noticed the note, and the broken mirror. She picked up the note and looked it over.” What’s this?”
She felt his fingers on her other arm as she turned around to look at him. She pulled her arm back as she handed the note to him.” I think you have a lot explaining to do.” She felt her heart pull as she looked at him. Anger and sadness all mixed together she wanted to know what the heck any of this was. She even assumed another girl was maybe in the picture. It wouldn’t shock her she knew he was a very good looking guy of course he would be bored.” Ya know…if you don’t like me just say so I can fucking leave.” She held her breath to stop her urge to cry.



She was angry, he has never seen her like that.
“Ella, I’m sorry…” she handed him the note claiming explanation, he took a deep breath, “it’s not what it looks like…” he started looking down at the floor, “I’m having anger breakdowns, it’s going on from a while now, I-” he was stuttering, “-I, this whole afflicted thing is breaking me, and you are the only thing that makes me feel alive” he closed his eyes as he saw her bright eyes, he couldn’t believe that he was making her cry.
He felt the urge to hug her, it was a desperate hug. He continued, “I’m so sorry for earlier…I didn’t mean to let you down, I wanted to continue, really, but I wasn’t sure about what you felt, I didn’t want to…” he stuttered his last sentence. An heavy weight was left from his shoulders and his chest.



She took a few deep breaths as he started to talk. She looked at his whole emotion to see if he really meant what he said.” Why…why didn’t you just tell me?” She looked back at the mirror then back at him. She slowly walked up to him and placed her hand on his arm.” You know I’m still somewhat good at listening…you don’t have to go through this alone.” She looked at the note again then back into his eyes. She wanted to hold him closely, but that would more then likely be a mistake.
Her showing too much feelings always lead to mistakes with anyone she cares for. Blame her life while she was living, but she didn’t want to be a reason to hurt him.
“I feel a lot of things about you…a lot that I don’t even know how to put into words at times.” She couldn’t stop herself she wrapped her arms around him as she pulled him into a hug. She let out a small laughter.” Ya know…even dead you still have a way at pulling my heart strings.”



She embraced him and she laughed as she pronounced her last sentence. Her laugh, damn, it was so good to hear it again. He held her tight.
Then he placed his index under her chin and lifted her face up, “What are you doing to me?” he smiled at her, still with a bit of sadness in his eyes, he leaned down and kissed her. Not a full of passion kiss, it was soft and sweet, a “let’s make peace” kiss.
They were about to forget their meal if his stomach didn’t groan, he left her lips and looking intensely at her and smiling he added “Shall we?”



She smiled up at him as he lifted her face.” I could ask you the same thing hon.” As he kissed her she softly smiled. She loved being close to him like his he always had this effect. She looked into his eyes after their kiss and gave him a small smile. She knew she shouldn’t have gotten so upset, but she also knows feelings are just not her strong suit. She eyed their meal as he worriedly looked around.” Of course I’m starving.”



He grinned looking at their prey, he could see and sense the blood in his veins. He opened the door and with all his strength he threw his guest in the middle of the room laughing in a devilish way. He was already tasting that blood, he became impulsive and after that Ella entered the room, he closed the door.
That poor guy started searching an exit , the living room was huge, modern yet classy .
He laughed as he reached his set of knives and handed a sharp knife to his girl.
“Amore, are you ready?” he laughed “I’ve never been so hungry”, he looked at her and said “It’s your turn, go and eat, dear”.

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She looked at him as she held the knife delicately on her hand. Ella then eyed the guy who tried running back and forth.” You know I appreciate a meal that tries to fight his way out.” She licked her lips as she felt her hunger grow with each sound of the heartbeat.
She cooly walked over to the guy as she twisted her knife in his side. The pool dude let out a sharp yelp as he fell onto the ground, holding his side in utter pain. Ella stepped away as she licked her knife and faced him.” I have to say you sure did choose the right guy! But I don’t want to keep him all to myself. You deserve a taste as well.” She slowly licked the blood from her hands as she stood back.

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Honestly, he was incredibly enjoying the show, she was so sexy while she was licking away the blood. Within one second, with his speed, he was behind her whispering in her hear “You don’t have to tell me twice”.
He walked towards the prey…
“Oh I’m so sorry for her behaviour” he said to the guy who was frightened, “She went easy on you, but don’t worry, I’m gonna fix this” he took his arm and made some cuts here and there, he licked all the points where blood was flowing “You’re really good” he looked at him for a few seconds, then he lifted him up with one hand, pushing him against the wall, he called for Ella and with a quick movement his blade cut the pliable skin, cutting his vein. He was waiting for Ella to drink from there, in the meantime the guy was calling for help and was moaning desperately for the pain. “Don’t worry, nobody will hear you” he laughed and licked the blood on his hand.



Ella laughed as she admired the work of art. One of the joys of being an afflicted she always enjoyed a meal with him. It was like a dinner with a show. She walked over once the vein was cut, and helped herself. The guy slowly fell to the ground. Mainly in a pool of his own blood. She stepped back as she licked her fingers nonchalantly.” I have to say he was very sweet. We should go to the pool more often.” She laughed again as she grabbed the guys wallet, and took the leftover money there.” Not to mention he had enough for a nice time as well.” She smiled as she counted the money.



He enjoyed the meals with her, it was funnier and easier. One of the best thing about her was, without any doubt, the fact that she was like him, he loved it. He once tried to have in the 1790 a human “girlfriend” but it was a lil bit hard to hide the fact that he was feeding himself with human blood. Ella was amazing, young, beautiful, funny, immortal and an afflicted, she was perfect! He drank a bit more since he was satisfied, then smiled at her while she was stealing, “You are lucky that I found him” he laughed then he looked down at his brand new shirt Shit!, why can’t I control myself, now I have to throw it away!” he walked towards his room while removing his soaked with blood cloth. “I’m going to change myself quickly”, he said, still facing the room direction, “I’ll be back in no time”.
His house was now a proper mess, he needed to call for the cleaning service, he couldn’t stand having everything dirt and not in order. He looked at the portrait of a lady next to the door, he did really a great job painting it.

@Chocolate_Mama he has some scars on his back


She smiled at him as he walked off. The whole thing was so fun each time was like the first. She kicked the dude’s foot then turned around just as his shirt was off. Ella tilted her head slightly. She never seen so many scars before. How did she not notice them? She slowly walked behind him and placed her hands on his back.” What happened? How…what?” She looked at all of them then followed his gaze to the photo hanging up. All she could do was blink at the beautiful lady posing for the portrait. She looked back at him then at the scars then the lady again. So many things happened all in a span of a few hours.
She looked back at his back then traced her fingers lightly.” She’s very pretty…” Her tone was soft and cute as she tried not to let her jealousy creep in.



Isla-Rose Holden
She rolled her eyes, discretely, down at Winona’s hand on her thigh, but looked back up - smiling sweetly. She slowly started standing up, meaning Winona’s hand came off her leg and she took her suitcase. “Yeah, got the room,” She said, smiling again. “Room 103.”

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She was in no time behind his back, tracing with her fingertips his scars, he could tell she was curious and a bit confused, “Oh, they’re so old, sometimes I even forget about them, they’re reminders of the cruelty of the men…”, then he laughed, “Napoleon couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw me walking away with an ax in the back! Cool guy thought, short but really cool!”. He was enjoying every little touch on his back…she asked about the picture, “Yeah she was the most beautiful women I knew”, he just knew that she would have been mad at him for his answer, so he added quickly “I introduce you Amelia Eleonora Incubo, my mother” he smiled, “I painted it when I was still an artist, I tried to catch her soul to keep her with me”.
He faced her and told her with a smirk _"She was truly beautiful, but you’re, without any doubt, la più bella, principessa (the most beautiful, princess). He smiled at her.



Anya Cohen

From the outside, the hotel was nothing special. It just reminded Anya of the crappy flat she lived in, with its boarded up windows and shit-for-show view of the street outside.

She lowered her phone down to one of many of Augusta’s apprehensive comments that day. If you asked Anya, five days worth of kicking back and smoking weed sounded like her ideal week and, to top it off, Augusta was paying. It wasn’t as if Anya had much to complain about.

Nudging the girl, Anya proceeded to patting the side of her duffle bag before bringing two fingers to her lips to mimic smoking a joint: almost as if to say, ‘and guess who brought a shit ton of weed’. Anya slung the bag off her shoulder with a wink. “Ten grams,” she stated, passing a smirk over at the girl as she began heading over for the doors to the building with increasing speed in her step.

Just what was the likelihood of Augusta passing up on $200 worth of the good stuff?

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Ella laughed as she stopped tracing and gently rubbed her hands together.” I have to say I would’ve been surprised as well to see you have an axe in your back.” She laughed and stood on her tip toes as she delicately kissed his neck. When he talked about the most beautiful women he knew. She stopped suddenly and stepped back.” Well that’s nice I guess she…” Before she could finish he said his mother, and she couldn’t help but shake her head.” Of course…I totally see it.” She laughed lightly as she looked back at the painting then him.
The moment she heard him calling her a princess she couldn’t help but look down at the floor for a moment. She noticed the small bit of blood on her jeans then looked back up at him.” You’re right I’m a great princess, but at the moment I need to know if you have anything interesting for me to wear I hate walking around with blood, and having to explain.” She laughed lightly as she stepped closer to him.” Or I can try and hurry back down to the basement, and leave you with your time.” She traced her hands on his abs then stopped midway as she looked up at him.



He loved how she was a little bit embarrassed after he called her princess. Then she asked him for clean clothes while rubbing her finger on his abs, “Don’t even think about leaving me here all alone, I’ve even some clothes that some random ladies left here”, in his house? No one single female cloth, but she didn’t know it, he laughed, “I’m just jocking, relax! I’ve some shorts and sporty pants if you want”, he winked, “As for your bloody T-Shirt, mmm, something oversize, that’s for sure” he laughed.
He cupped her face with his hand, the other hand was going back and forth on her back tracing circles, he kissed gently her forehead.
He could have stood like that forever but then he said, “Follow me”, he suggested entering his room, he turned and took her hand.



She raised her brow at the other women clothes.” Well I guess it’s fine I have a few guys clothes around as well, but I’m sure you won’t mind huh.” She thought for a moment.” Sure I’ll take them I mean not as cute as these jeans but they’ll do.” She closed her eyes as she took in the warm smell that he gave off. His cologne mixed with their victims blood was always soothing to her.” Of course.”
She squeezed his hand as they walked into the dimly lit room.” Ahhh I love the way it feels in here.”



As soon as we walked past the door, he turned on the lights, his king size bed was pure luxury with opaque black sheets. “Were you expecting a coffin?” he laughed softly, then he guided her to his walk-in closet. Then he searched a bit through the big amount of clothes “Here you are! Black sporty pants and one of my t-shirt” he looked at her face, “I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable using casual clothes while I wear something more fancy” he started looking around, “You’ll see me for the first time in a casual style, consider yourself special, Amore”.
He explained her the problem of the broken mirror in the bathroom so he calmly told her “feel free to change in my room, I’ll wait you outside” he kissed her hand and exiting he closed the door.



Ella laughed as she sat on the bed.” Maybe? Then again all the coffins are mainly in the basement, so I’m sure you use this fancy bed for some use.” She smirked as she held onto the clothes, and started to unbutton her blouse.” It’s fine hon I don’t mind it one second. As long as they’re your clothes as well.” She smiled as she lifted the shirt over her head, and looked around the room. He was already in the other room, and decided it wouldn’t hurt to get a little look around the area.
She decided to look through his drawers to see if there was anything of interest. She trusted him no doubt, but that’s her problem like Steve her first boyfriend whenever she got close something dangerous always followed.



Augusta Russo
Throwing her head back, Augusta let out a long groan before following behind Anya. She hadn’t expected any less. Augusta knew Anya like the back of her hand; complaining and whining about how much she didn’t want to do something only ever fueled Anya to keep going.

Augusta had to admit, though. The thought of smoking eased her worries and before she knew it, Augusta was making one of her many grand entrances. It was something the people she hung around with grew to love; knowing Augusta was around before they could even see her. Everywhere she went, she brought the party with her, even if she was scared out of her fucking mind.

Turning to her friend, Augusta approached the front of the line and spoke, “Bribing me with weed, definitely not a bitch move at all.”

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