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Katya Banks - Hotel Lobby

Reuben seemed to be really moved by her reaction and it was flattering for Katya to have this effect on someone. She smiled, facing away from him. She was proud of herself and she had trouble hiding it very well. He couldn’t really see her face anyway so it wasn’t that bad. He probably wouldn’t even guess or suspect anything.
She was gonna turn back and give him some excuses that could justify her leaving right after that before a redhead guy interrupted them to ask about something. She smiled politely to him and the guy who seemed to be with him. She took a step backward. It wasn’t really her place to give them the answer. She did know where both of these places where in the hotel but she wasn’t working there at least not officially.
She adjusted her necklace waiting for Reuben to explain the directions to these guys. That was interesting to her how one of them seemed to be so much more comfortable in this environment than the other. Maybe it was because he was so much younger ? Or maybe it was because the other was a bit nervous to be here ? She felt like this whole thing was screaming “it’s an affair” but she wouldn’t be the one to pass judgment on them. She made almost all her money thanks to unhappy marriages.

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Incredible, she was going to let him stay there. No gentleman do such a thing, he respected all the women, “beautiful and dangerous creatures” he repeated himself continuously.
Even if he was in the living room, his mind wandered in the other room, he was sculpting her perfect body in his mind.
“Right now she could be just in her underwear” he thought and couldn’t help but blushing at the idea of her on his bed…
He waited for half an hour, she wasn’t exited yet, he started to think at the worst.
He walked to his room and opening the door he said “Ella, are you ok? I’m worried sick…”
Nothing could have prepared him to what was going on in his room…

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As Ella looked around the room she opened more drawers quietly and looked around under the bed. She hardly could find anything, but cleaness and more cleanness. She sat on her knees as she huffed a little to herself. No way could a guy like him not be hiding some other guy behind her back, or just peaceful in his lavish room.
She looked through the closet just to try and see if she could see any women clothing or any signs of dishonesty. It has always happened in her life, and the feeling she feels for him must be searched. Before she could finish she heard the door open, and his voice. She already felt her blood run cold. How terrible it looked with everything all around. She slowly looked at him then rubbbed her arms slightly.” Hey…sorry I took long?”

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He entered in the room, finding everything turned upside down, some drawers were open and she was standing in his walk-in closet with a guilty look in her eyes.
“What are you doing?”, he was so confused, “What do you think you are doing?”, no he wasn’t confused he was disappointed, You know what? I don’t care…just go away."
He moved aside letting her having the space to get out. "Why Ella?!Why?! Don’t you believe in me?! He thought .
Disappointment all over his face.

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She felt her face burn up. Most with shame, but seeing that look on his face, disappointment. The look she knows too well in her life.” No…wait…I’m sorry it’s just…not like this? I just…I don’t know I was looking to see what’s up because you’re too amazing for me, and…and?” She couldn’t form the words let alone leave her eyes for him. She had to hurt him of course that’s one of her many talents.
She slowly walked toward him then placed her hand on his.” I’m sorry…please just…don’t be mad I mean I kinda had reasons, and really I don’t know it’s just too great and…yeah?” She didn’t hide it at that point she felt a few tears run down her face as she looked at him. No words could describe the pain she felt while looking at him. She knew what she did wasn’t right, yet she still did it.” Please…don’t hate me…I’m sorry.”

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“I’ve known you from 20 years now, from that night, and I’ve never even though that you could disappoint me, neither destroy my trust in you…”, he took a deep breath, “… I’ve always believed in you but it seems you never did.”
No matter what she did his feelings were too deep to even think at the hate. It broke his heart seeing her cry. He pulled her in his embrace “I can’t stand seeing you crying…”. He was angry but he couldn’t stay mad at her, “I could never hate you, but this time you crossed the line…” he shook his head feeling her tears on his bare skin. “Why Ella? Why?! If you had some doubts or problems you could have just told me, I’m always ready to listen…”

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As he talked she couldn’t help but feel her heart crumple into pieces.” I know…it’s been the best 20 years ever it’s just I was nervous… I don’t know we’ve just been so close lately, and after today I was just kinda…concerned for just myself and letting myself be so open.” She looked at him as she took a step back. She let herself cry more as she felt his embrace wrap around her.” In a terrible person…I don’t deserve just happiness with you.” She pushed back from him, and looked up at his eyes. She quickly kissed him, closing her eyes to really be in the moment. After she pulled away she looked at the room then back at him. She placed his clothes in his hand.” Please…just…stay away? I’ve hurt you too much. This is insane…I should’ve just told you my fear.” She pushed away from his warm arms back into the coldness, and rushed out the room. Letting her tears lead her to the front door. After a while she decided to leave the room altogether she needed to take a breather and give him some space as well. She walked out his room and walked down the hall slowly.

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Rhys Brekker:

“Oh, this is a room that you can pay extra for? Some people want a unique hotel and just boost the experience for people you know, with the rumors of this hotel being haunted.” He presented her with a grimace as he inspected the rooms dark and way too confining space, in his opinion. He’d rather die than be stuck in one of these things for the night. This place was freaky and discomforting…that was for sure. But at least they weren’t dead bodies sitting and decaying.
“How did you find this room?”
He blinked once as he returned his gaze to her, pointing to the stairs. “I followed it down here really…the door wasn’t terribly hard to find but still, it’s pretty well hidden…” He looked down at his phone flashlight before back to her again. “This darkness has got to be bad for your eyes,” he muttered as he moved towards another coffin. “You mentioned this place being haunted…what makes you say that?”

Brendan Skyles:

His eyes scanned the walls, brows furrowed as he looked briefly behind him. This place was really one that could give you the creeps. Luckily, Brendan never believed in all that mumbo jumbo about ghosts and hauntings. “Mhm, very charming. I bet you say that to all the girls.” He gave a chuckle as he looked over at her with a shrug. “Nah. Only to the ones with well…nice hips,” he replied snarkily. He ran a finger along a wall before they turned another corner. “So then how do you know the ins and outs of this place? Don’t tell me you live here sweetheart.”



Damon Frausch:

“Pleasure to meet you Jessica,” he said softly before planting a kiss onto her knuckles as he was accustomed to. He gave her a slight smirk as he stood back up straight, beginning to lead her down the halls to a more…private setting. “If there’s one thing you must know it’s that the dining area and it’s food is exquisite,” he said, pointing over to it. “Although,” his voice rasped as he leaned down slightly. “Those aren’t the only meals served here for hungry young people.” In his case, it was a literal meaning. Around him was an entire buffet. To her, she could take it as she would. As they moved towards the rooms he looked over at her, making his face more serious. “What do you know of this place?”

Mason Juste:

“Well, if you’re offering, I’ll take that chicken as my prize then!” He said proudly as he puffed out his chest, not catching the sarcasm within her voice. He glanced over to the waiter and watched the girl as she frantically moved about the kitchen, leaving the meal right in front of him. He smirked, only barely hearing her question before he dashed for the plate. He sat himself on the floor, and began consuming it ravenously with his hands. He couldnt feel his stomach being filled, but he could taste the texture and it felt nostalgic. “I turned into a magic man when mom went away for a while,” he said with a full mouth. It must explain all the things he could do. “I’m guessing mom gave me the powers when she left me here so I could protect myself from the bad guys,” he kicked his fingers before looking over at her with a scrunched nose. “Eh. Chicken is overcooked,” it was an obvious lie as he went in for more.
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Hotel Cortez - RP - Sign-Ups/Chat
Hotel Cortez - RP - Sign-Ups/Chat


I shook my head and sighed. “Nope, I haven’t. Like I said, I don’t think anyone’s been interested before. I didn’t have many friends growing up.” I shrugged, then took a few more sips of my milkshake and finished it. “What are you going to do now?”


“That’s honestly kinda shocking in my opinion. I thought you’d be the main girl with a lot of friends.” She laughed kindly at her as she held onto her bag.” I have no idea yet. I should maybe place my laptop back in my room, but I also kinda wanted to go exploring. Like I heard stories about this place being ‘haunted’ and I wanna see for myself.” She laughed nonchalantly.” I’ve always been into mystery too much.”




“Bark?” My eyebrows furrowed but I shook it off and sighed. “Whatever. How and when did you even die?” I asked, crossing my arms.


Elijah Sultan

He looked at her with a slight smile. “You’re welcome. Are you sure you’re not hungry?” He let out a yawn and went into the bathroom to run cold water on his face. “Cause I am!” He laughed a little, and then went back into the main part of the room. He then looked at her with a smile, “I thought killing people would build up an appetite,” he then smiled and realized what he said. “Oh, too soon?” He let out a yawn as his stomach growled. “Well, like it or not, but we are going to eat.” He then attempts to pull up Sab.

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Olive Dixon

“You’re welcome,” she said, proud that she made someone happy. “That’s great! And what do you want to know?” She let out a giggle. “Yes, please!”

@kitty4322 -Apollo

Abrianna Davis

Igor. “That’s a unique name.” she then smiled at him as he ordered her food. Thank god, I’m starving! She then waits for both Olive and Igor to come back to the table so that she has someone to talk to. She listens to the light music playing over the restaurant and starts to sing along.

@CrazyCaliope -Igor

Jack Coleman

“I guess you’re right,” he says as he motions for the bartender to get him another glass, and he smiles back at Rawiri. Once he gets his drink, he downs it and looks back at Rawiri. “Yeah, and she does pretty well,” he says with a sigh. “Maybe that’s why I do what I do.” He then smiles slightly. “I’m so used to doing it, and I don’t like changes.” He then gets serious as he drinks some more. “So, what do you do?”

@CrazyCaliope -Rawiri


That kid is eating my chicken. Damn him. Whatever. “Wait, are you glowing?” She rolled her eyes at the comment on her chicken. “I don’t overlook things. And if it’s so bad, why are you still eating it?” Her eyes widened as she noticed something else about the kid. “Wait, are you glowing? Are you a. . .” She felt stupid for giving into the rumors around this place but she didn’t see any other option. “A ghost?”
She thought back for a moment. “Stabbed. 1920. You can see the blood on my gown still I’m pretty sure.” She turned quickly and then turned back to face Rhea “Right at the start of the good times too. Though maybe it wasn’t as bad that I missed the Depression. You?” She raised an eyebrow at Rhea.



“My eyes are fine.” I crossed my arms. All afflicted could see in the dark and sunlight weakened our abilities, so the darkness was really better. “I prefer the darkness anyway.” When he asked me about my comment about the hotel being haunted, I sighed. Great. He’s not from around here. I probably shouldn’t tell him that people have died here, he might tell the police and then this hotel might get shut down. This is practically my home, this place lets me get my food easier and last I heard, the search for me is still on. “I don’t know, most people around here believe that this hotel is haunted. There’s been rumors going around for years.” I looked around for my belongings, trying to come up with a plan to kill him. Once I realized that everything I could use to kill him was upstairs near Apollo’s room, I mentally groaned. I’ll have to find some other way. “So, I’m assuming you’re a guest here, right? Did you just check in? I haven’t seen you around before.”



“Really? That would’ve been fun.” I shrugged, then grinned at the mention of exploring. “Yeah, let’s go! I want to come too, I’m curious about the hotel, although I am kind of scared.” I bit my lip and looked around. This place looks pretty normal, I wonder what we’ll find out.



I took Olive’s hand and led her to a seating area in the lobby, then pulled out a chair for her and sat down in my own. “Tell me everything.” I told her, leaning a bit closer to her and lowering my voice as I spoke. Maybe something she would tell me now could be beneficial to the hotel, or maybe it wouldn’t.



“Stabbed by who?” I asked, then sighed, not wanting to think about my own death. “1995. I already mentioned how earlier and I’m not going into detail about it. I don’t like to talk about my death.” I reached for the bottle that I had been drinking out of and took another swig.


“Are you sure you wanna come? I mean you don’t have to if you don’t want to. I also hardly believe that anything is even in this place. It was probably just some stories to gain more people here.” She couldn’t help but laugh a little at the ghost floating around the place.” But you’re right I’m sure there’s lots to see.”



“Well how was I supposed to tell? I was dead! He stabbed me from behind so I didn’t get to see. Plus, whoever did it is probably dead or something. But I wouldn’t doubt it if someone said they were the same person who’s been doing all of these killings in this place. Any bets on who it is?” She pulled herself up on one of the counters and sat on it, legs crossed.


Winona Wilkins || Hotel Lobby
“That’s my girl,” Winona smiled and winked at her. “Always organised. Coming early, sorting the accommodation for our vacation together. Now checking in and knowing where our room is located…?” The last part was formed more like question since Winona had no idea where to go. “When are we just going to move in together? Vacations are the first step, you know.” Now, this was meant as a question, though she hadn’t meant to slip it into the conversation this early into the trip.

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Rāwiri Taumata || Hotel Bar
“Don’t I know how you feel there, change is not-", Rāwiri paused, looking at the counter once more. “Change is never for the better.” He picked up his third glass of bourbon and took a good sip, feeling it trickle down his throat. “What is it that I do?”, he basically repeated the question. “I… back home I would be a farmer, I guess you would call me. A kaiahuwhenua. Though I don’t usually do the labour much any more, I have employees for that.”

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