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“Sure you are. What if the murderer was your husband?” I asked with a raised eyebrow as I leaned against the counter. “You never know. Unless you’re absolutely sure that it isn’t him.”


She pushed away from his embrace then she rushed to the exit, he tried to reach her but then he just focused on her words… “Please…just…stay away” How? He couldn’t cope, he needed to have her right there and kiss her. He was too harsh on her, he shouldn’t have reacted like that…while he was thinking, he sat on the bed and took his face in his hands.
“I need a shower” he thought, trying to not hurt himself with the glasses he took a cold shower then changing into a suit he called for the “special” cleaning service.
He needed to talk to her but how?

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Katya Banks

Katya walked with a precise goal in her mind. She wanted to be able to reach the bar of hotel. She didn’t feel the need to drink or get drunk, none of that. She wanted to try to find Jack and she knew he would probably be there. She could imagine him very well being there and having conversations with loners type maybe trying to make them new clients. She needed to check with him to see if he changed her schedule for the night. It would always be good to be aware if it was the case.
On the way there she passed by a guy who seemed to be speaking to himself. She stopped and turned around. She didn’t hear everything that he had been saying. She was only able to catch up on the end of his sentence but it was clear enough that there was more to the story. It was something about a secret door. Or someone disappearing behind a secret door.
The thing is she wouldn’t even be that surprised if this hotel had secret doors. It really wasn’t a secret how mysterious and sort of creepy this place was. Katya tried to not mind about it. She kinda liked the place. It was charming in its own way.

She knew she probably shouldn’t, but she couldn’t help but be curious about what this guy was talking about. And mostly why he was talking to himself ? She didn’t really know what to do, she felt extremely awkward to be in this situation. She wanted to pretend that never happened and continue to walk away but she really doubted the guy would let her go away without trying to explain or justify his suspicious behavior. It was extremely obvious that she heard something she probably wouldn’t have been supposed to.

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“I have them buddy but when we bring them out to leave you can. Deal?” We walked in and i got in the elevator. I let Oliver push the button. “Are you happy to be in vacation Oliver?” The ride up was slow but that was fine with me. I really needed a drink but I knew Tabitha wouldn’t let me drink because apparently it made me ‘mean’. The elevator dinged and Oliver and I got off. Then walked down the hall. I knew roughly our room number but I wasn’t for sure. “Tabitha where are you?” I yell down the hall as I get close.

“Henry its fine I can carry some of the bags if not all of them.” I say as I walk towards them. Henry seemed off sense we had gotten here. I wondered what was wrong? was he already starting to look for his next? Ander stop thinking like that he said he loved you didn’t he. I really needed to calm down. I knew he was aware that I panicked about stupid stuff but I didn’t want to make him mad. I had seen that before and it terrified me.



I smiled looking around. I looked at all of the people hanging around before looking back at my brother. He seemed to be getting kinda impatient. “Yeah let’s check in, so then we can drop our bags of where they are safe in our room.” I stretched slightly before walking towards the check in area with him. We had been in the car too long so I was definitely glad to be walking around. Especially in this cool hotel, with all of the interesting background that I had read, and the interesting looking people.


What a gentleman, she already liked him.
When he told her about the food she couldn’t help but smile, she loved eating.
When he faced her with a serious look and asked her what did she know about the hotel, she was a bit confused but answered calmly and with a big smile “It’s the first time that I come here, I’ve just moved out from my parents’ house” she started, then she added “Well, I’ve chosen randomly this hotel so I don’t really know this place” he looked at his face so serious all of sudden, "Could you tell me something? It seems like you know well this place " she smiled softly at him, waiting for his answer.


He exits his room, the basement wasn’t exactly his style but he knew that he would have found Ella there.
He thought a bit while waiting for the elevator, “No, I’m not going to harass her now” he waited “But I truly want to talk with her…”
He took the elevator and slowly took the bar direction. Something strong will be perfect.
He sat down on the stool and ordered “Double scotch on the rocks!”, even if he took a shower he could see in the bright counter the traces of her lipstick on his cheek. He put a hand on his eyes an shook his head.
He had to do something.



Alexander Bank

As he finished his voice recording he looked up to a girl sort of staring at him. He vursed under his breath as he realised he’d probably hear what he’d said. He held out his voice recorder. “It’s a voice recorder, i was recording something. i’m not that much if a loser to be talkting to my self like that.” He said awkwardly with a laugh. He wasn’t sure how much she had heard and didn’t want to elaborate because he wasn’t too sure on how much she heard and wasn’t sure whether or not he could trust her. He took a few steps closer. “So, how much did you hear? You probably think I am like a complete weirdo now.” He chuckled.


Katya Banks

She stared intensely at the recorder the stranger decided to show her. The fact that this person wasn’t having long conversations with himself was really reassuring but it didn’t make this encounter less awkward. Being in these situations was really not something she enjoyed. She felt she was having a glance in how people’s life were and it wasn’t a great sensation.
“I’m not judging” she smiled. It was true…Sort of.
He walked closer to her and asked her about what she heard. That made her instantly frown. It was a bit suspicious. Did this guy have something to hide ? Was what she heard important information ? Fuck she really hoped she didn’t end up being witness to some shady things by accident. She already had the cops to watch out for because of her job, she couldn’t add some random guy to the mix.
“Something about someone disappearing behind a secret door.”
At this moment she looked around to see if she could actually spot something that could resemble the place a secret door could be. If this guy just recorded a memo of it, it probably meant he was close to it. He probably didn’t randomly decide to make a note of what happened three hours after it did. It wouldn’t make sense.
“I don’t know if it’s a secret or something but…I’m not gonna tell anyone so don’t worry. I don’t even know what’s behind the door anyway. I basically don’t know anything.”
And she was completely satisfied staying ignorant.

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Vanessa pointed to room nine.” Right over there not much of a walk thankfully.” She stopped by her door as she pulled out her key.” It’s pretty nice inside nothing strange either so I’ll be quick unless you want to wait inside as well.” She opened the door and looked back into the hall.” I mean the halls kinda look creepy to me but I’m not one to judge.” She laughed nonchalantly as she walked in.

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Reuben Graves and Finnegan Burke || Hotel Lobby
Reuben nodded to them as they thanked him, and watched them walk away. Then, as if only just remembering that he was in a conversation, he turned back to Katya, who had gone. So Reuben stood up straight, fixed his jacket and waited there by the door.
“No, I don’t…” Finnegan answered but trailed off as he had to catch up to Ozias. When they were hidden from view, Ozias whispered the sweetest thing. He wished he had done or said something but was simply left smiling like a little kid in a candy shop. After regaining some composure, he followed Ozias and slid into the other side of the booth. When the woman walked away, Finnegan attempted to hold Ozias’ hand under the table and then signalled to the waiter (Igor) to bring menus.

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Rāwiri Taumata || Hotel Bar
“And what did you picture me as, tama, if not a farmer?" Rāwiri asked, swivelling round in his seat. With his glass still in his hand, he leaned back and rested his elbows on the bar which was now behind him. He looked out over the various patrons who were currently in the restaurant part. He gestured toward the tables. “You think any of them know how unfair life is yet?”

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Tabitha Sallow || Outside the Hotel
“Deal, daddy.” he replied excitedly and followed his father to the elevator. Pressing the button first before answering his father’s next question, “I am, I really am. Mummy is going to have the best time EVER too.” He smiled, baring teeth. They got off and after a few seconds, Oliver’s father yelled.
Tabitha had been sitting on the edge of the bed but had fallen back from an already exhausting start to the day. Jaxson yell out and two seconds before it started, she thought, no, don’t do it. Closing her eyes briefly, she heard Liam. He was awake and crying, LOUDLY. Sitting back up, she pulled the pram closer and got him out to hold him against her chest.

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Henry Tudor || Hotel lobby
Henry put his hand up to stop him from continuing on. “No need for that, you are on your honeymoon, you should relax.” Then he smirked again. “Well, not relax too much.” Henry spotted that the bellboy was free and standing there. “You there,” he called to Reuben. He clicked his fingers and pointed to their bags.

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Alexander Bank

He sighed. He was obviously having to explain what happened to her. He wasn’t sure if he could trust her or not but he didn’t really have a choice. He was probably thinking some super shady things of him right now. “Well. I um met a very strange girl, she was covered in blood. She used my shower and borrowed some of my clothes and then left with no explanation. I followed her and she walked into a secret door. Like you heard. I was making a voice recording” He said once again holding up the voice recorder before continuing. “so I could keep track of what happens. As I am sure you are aware this hotel is very strange and creepy so I have been writing down and taking notes of what has happened. I mean I don’t know what is going to happen or what I am going to find out but I so for it is off to a very… strange start.”


He was drinking his problems away with the alcohol, when he overheard the conversation between two men at the bar.
“I know it, no, it’s not true, I’ve experienced on my skin how life is unfair!”
He turned around and looked at them, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt you, I guess alcohol took over me, usually I know how to behave”. They were right next to him on other two stools.



She dismissed the theory with a flick of her hand. “No, he was already outside. Plus I was facing the door on the bed. And then I got stabbed.” She smiled. “Not exactly a horrible death, if you really think about it. I could have been tortured or something of the like.” She shrugged.


Jack Coleman

"Not sure, maybe an investor or an entrepreneur, " He said with a slight laugh, as he turned around to look at who Rawiri was talking about. “Maybe,” he said with a shrug. “I highly doubt it though.” He then talks one last sip of his drink and sets it down on the table. “They’ll learn.” A creepy smirk crept onto his face as he looked back at Rawiri. He then hears someone talk and looks over at them, wanting Rawiri to reply, not him.

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Rāwiri Taumata || Hotel Bar
Rāwiri nodded. “You went far wrong, as I am sort of both. We… I invest in two farms, Nah, Yeah, farms… before buying them outright.” He shrugged. “And yeah, I could also be called an entrepreneur.” Just as fellow comes over to interrupt them, he takes another good gulp from his glass, then rested his elbow again on the bar behind. Rāwiri looked over at the man who had just spoken. “Hi.”

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Sabriya Sultan
“I’m not starving myself,” Sabriya muttered as she finally allowed herself to get pulled up off the bed. No matter how many times she said no, Elijah wouldn’t take it as an answer, a stubbornness that the two inherited from their mother. With a sigh, Sabriya shrugged out of his hug, “Fine. Let’s go.” She shoved her hands into her pockets and headed towards the door, “Try not to waste all of our money.”

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Katya Banks

Wait what ? This guy must be joking. He was going on and on about how he met a weird girl covered in blood who disappeared behind a secret door. This had to be a joke. She sighed. It really didn’t seem like he was joking. Oh my god why did he tell her about it ? Maybe this girl had been covered in blood for some serious reasons like probably a murder ? That was the only possible option. She knew this hotel was weird but this was really disturbing.
Oh she really hoped she wasn’t somehow becoming an accomplice in a murder by knowing about it.
“It’s more than strange. It’s…fucked
She crossed her arms. He seemed so interested in this instead of being freaked out. He was probably some kind of journalist or a writer fascinated by creepy things.
“Are you thinking about going there ?”

Now that she’d had been roped into this, she felt like it was excepted of her to ask about it. Maybe to even follow him on his quest to this secret place. This encounter had to mean something. For Katya, coincidences didn’t exist.
“Where is the door ?”

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