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Mason Juste:

He looked over at her for a moment before going back to his food. “Glowing with a strange sense I havent felt in a while…I think mommy called it…happiness?” He ate more and smiled as he practically pet the last bit of chicken left. “I don’t overlook things. And if it’s so bad, why are you still eating it?”
He stopped midchew, giving her a frown before spitting it out onto the plate. “I have manners ya know. Maybe i just didn’t want to make you feel bad for you bad excuse for chicken.” He crossed his arms and gave a proud and mighty look, raising his chin up. “Though to improve your skills I expect a meal close to this everyday. Got it pink idiot?”
When she wasn’t looking he quickly stuck the chewed up food back into his mouth.
“Wait, are you glowing? Are you a. . .A ghost?” He swallowed before looking over at her then at himself. He was still drenched from his bath, his clothes soaked. And it annoyed him. “A ghost…” he murmured under his breath. He learned from Adrian, someone he considered an older brother that that’s what he was now. “Y-yes?” He said as he tilted his head up at her. “S-so don’t you be doing no things to me because it wont work anyway!”


She rolled her eyes at the first comment. You’re glowing with more than just happiness kid. After he said he was a ghost, she dropped the plate she was holding with a loud clang. Oh hell no, this cannot be real. I cannot be talking to a goddamn ghost! “What?! You’re. . . actually a ghost? The rumors about this place are true? And I’d say respect your elders but you’re probably older than me.” What the hell had this just turned into? “And um, what’s your name I guess? Seeing as I’d rather you not call me pink idiot, I’m Isabel. You’re probably going to call me pink idiot anyway though.”


Rhys Brekker:

“So you’re uh…really committed to this whole idea then,” he said as he stepped away from the coffin he was inspecting. “I don’t know, most people around here believe that this hotel is haunted. There’s been rumors going around for years.”
He placed his hands on his hips before running his thumb over his bottom lip, his mind in some deep thought; is that why it sounded familiar? Just an old kids folk lore or rumor about this place?
“So. Things like ghosts and disturbing presences then…” Didn’t those rumors usually tend to hide some truth? He blinked away the thought as she asked her question. He chuckled lightly as he held out his hand to her. “Yeah, de-” he stopped himself. He wasn’t exactly sure if saying he was a detective was the right way to go. “Rhys. Rhys Brekker. Came her to stay the night.”



I nodded and looked around. I was originally planning on leaving behind my ways but now that we were here, I knew that that wouldn’t be possible. “Yeah, let’s do that.” I told her, then started to walk to the line to check-in. While making my way over to the line, I leaned in to whisper to Jezebel. “Are we going to kill more people here?”



Once the woman was gone and Finnegan tried to hold my hand under the table, I didn’t let him and put it at my side. “Let’s wait until after we order.” I didn’t want anyone seeing me and Finnegan holding hands. “What are you having to drink?”



I raised an eyebrow, but shrugged it off. “Whatever. This is boring, what are you doing after this?” I asked, rubbing my eyes which only rubbed more mascara throughout them and made me looked like I had just cried. I closed the cabinets with the alcohol in them, then crossed my arms.


Brendan Skyles:

At her wink he gave her a slight smile before thinking on her words for only a brief moment. This seemed to be one of those places that fed off rumors becoming famous or something…
With the sudden stop, Brendan furrowed his brows and looked around. “So where is it then-”
“Why don’t you tell me why you actually want to get out of here. Because,”
His eyes widened as she placed her finger under his chin. “You and I both know that what you told me earlier was a complete lie,”
She shoved his face away and he backed away slightly, giving a scoff as he lifted his head up and looked down at her, tilting his head slightly. “Well. Color me impressed hermosa. I guess you’re not as stupid as I previously assumed.”
He wasn’t going to have to use her as some sort of hostage was he?
“So, honestly speaking, I ran into some legal troubles. But nothing that can’t be fixed with a little persuasion from the right people. So, you get me out of here and I’ll be out of your hair. As if it never happened.”
@lanasgalasoul - so obviosily I’m not going to have him actually escape. Whether that’s because she doesnt decide to show, maybe he gets caught before, or maybe something calls his attention, who knows. But just know u dont actually have to show him XD



I shrugged, even though I knew the truth. “I guess. I haven’t stayed here very long myself, so I wouldn’t know.” Once he held out his hand to me, I bit my lip, not sure what I should do. The body temperature of an afflicted was generally very low, around 75.5 degrees, so I was unsure what he would think if he shook my hand and noticed that it was very cold. I decided that the basement wasn’t warm so I could make an excuse about that and it would just look suspicious if I didn’t shake his hand. I extended my hand out as well and shook his. “You can call me Bo, or Kim if you want.” I told him, not wanting to reveal my full name.



I nodded, then looked around, suspecting everything. “I’m going in. It’s way too scary out here.” I bit my lip and quickly walked into her room, shutting the door behind me. “These rooms are kind of scary too, I don’t know how I’m going to get used to living here for a while.” I told her with a sigh. “Are you ready to go to my room?”



I nodded. She’s probably too young for me, but that doesn’t stop me from flirting. “A chef? Interesting, is there any place you want to work specifically? If you ever need a job, you can always come here. You know, if I were you, I would love to work with me. It’s truly a great experience, I treat and pay all my employees well.”


As she placed her things away she looked around the room, and shrugged.” Yeah they’re not your normal rooms, but I’m sure we’ll get over it over time.” She laughed as she walked to the door and opened it.” Lead the way.”




I looked at the room, then shook my head. “I don’t know about that. Maybe I could ask for a roommate or something. I think the hotel gives a free room to anyone as long as they work here. That’s what they gave me.” I told her, then walked out and went to the elevator, then pressed a button and waited for Vanessa to get in.


She hurried to the elevator before the door fully closed.” Wait so you have a nice free room? Well they really know how to get workers.” She laughed as she looked around the elevator.” Ya know funny thing is I’m not always a huge fan of elevators…they always freaked me out at the weirdest times.” She held onto the handle as she watched the numbers go.



The two men turned at him and the eldest one answered with an “Hi” at his clear interruption.
“I’m sorry for interrupting you” he said then he finished his drink in a sip and ordered another one to the barman. He was already tipsy, 2 hours of alcohol and more alcohol didn’t help him feeling better after what happened… “I found your conversation interesting” he added then he ordered other two drinks for the two men, “This one is on me. Let’s toast to an unfair life!”



She grabbed a new change of clothes, and slowly walked back to the door. She noticed a guy and a girl chatting away, and squinted. Must have been some human finding his way down here, surprisingly. She shrugged as she fixed her black blouse and walked out the room. As she walked down the hall to the dude’s room to return clothes she got lost in her own thoughts. She placed the clothes outside his door and slipped away toward the lobby area. She then walked around for a moment then headed back to the basement. Her head was pounding for a nap. As she got back she laid in the furthest coffin away, and fell asleep straight away.

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ORP: Approachable


Finnegan Burke and Igor Plaksin || Hotel Restaurant
Finnegan couldn’t deny that he wasn’t disappointed, nor could he stop his face from showing it. Wishing that he were just able to hold his hand, but no, for some reason it was only sometimes. He never quite knew when that was.
Igor saw a table get his attention, so made his way over, taking two menus with him. When he got there, he knew what they were and he narrowed his eyes at them. “Good day, are you having a good one?” Igor placed the menus on the table.

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Elijah Sultan

“I won’t,” he says as they head towards the restaurant, and wait to be seated. “So, any idea of what you want?” He then looked inside, and it looked semi-busy. He sat himself down and motioned for Sabriya to follow, as he waited for a waiter. “And about the money situation… I was thinking of maybe getting a job…?” He pauses and looks at her. “I mean, I would have to apply for something here maybe? And if I get declined the job, well I guess we will be outta luck,” he says with a sigh. “But I’m sure I’ll get some type of job.” He then looks around to find a waiter or waitress but sees no one.

@lanasgalasoul -Sabriya
@CrazyCaliope -Igor if he could take their order

Olive Dixon

She smiled and nodded, for she could tell that he was flirting, not that she minded. “I might just take you up on that offer.” She smiled harder and looked around. “Well, maybe I could test out your kitchen… Idk? For fun?” She hoped that he would say yes so she could show off her skills to anyone but Brianna. She then wondered how old he was, he had to be in his late 20’s, early 30’s since he owned a hotel, but he didn’t look too old.

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Jack Coleman

“Toast to an unfair life,” Jack says as he holds up his glass and toasts with the other men. “And, you weren’t really interrupting anything,” he says with a smile. “Well, since you joined in the conversation, we were just talking about jobs.” He pauses and thinks. “So, what do you do for a living?” He asks as he takes a sip of whatever the guy had ordered. “By the way, thank you for the drink,” he says setting his glass back on the table, and smiling just a little.

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Marilyn Parrish
Marilyn raised an eyebrow up at him, an amused glint in her eye. "I guess you’re not as stupid as I previously assumed.” It didn’t anger her, as a matter of fact, Marilyn was amused. She wondered if he would’ve even thought of saying that if he knew exactly what she was capable of.

With a shrug, Marilyn turned her head away from him and to his arm as she ran a finger down it. “A pretty face doesn’t always equal stupidity. Although, you don’t seem like the smartest apple on the tree either.” Marilyn looked back up at him as he spoke, “I ran into some legal troubles. But nothing that can’t be fixed with a little persuasion from the right people. So, you get me out of here and I’ll be out of your hair. As if it never happened.”

“Legal trouble? What’d you do? Steal a pair of sunglasses from the store?” she taunted, “Hm, maybe I’ll turn you in. One less petty criminal running in the streets. Maybe even get compensated for being in the dangerous presence of a mad thief.”

@jdepisode no worries, that’s not what she was planning anyway :wink:

Sabriya Sultan
Sabriya looked down at the menu in front of her and flipped through it, a dull look in her eye. She listened as he spoke, but didn’t pay much attention, instead nodding along and mumbling a few ‘Mhms’. Her mind was in a completely different world.

"well I guess we will be outta luck,” Sabriya’s ears perked up and she raised her head to look at him, a frown forming on her features. “Out of luck? I thought we had everything we needed… for now…” She internally groaned. That was stupid and she knew it; they barely had enough to last them a week, “Maybe… maybe I could get a job, too? I mean, I’m old enough. You have to be atleast 16, right?” Sabriya began to ramble, something she always does, “Plus, I don’t want you struggling to take care of me. It isn’t supposed to be your job. I want to take care of myself, I have to.”




“Well, I don’t know if it’s nice, but yeah, I get a free room.” I told her with a smile, then chuckled. “That’s true, we should take the stairs next time.” I told her, then walked out of the elevator once the door opened. I walked over to my room and opened the door, then put my suitcase in there quickly. “Okay, I’m ready! Where to first?”



I frowned slightly at Finnegan’s expression, I could tell that he was disappointed. I opened my mouth to say something until the waiter came over. The waiter narrowed his eyes at us and I stared at him for a moment, then spoke up again. “Yes, we are having a good day.” Without looking at the menu, I kept my gaze on the waiter, not liking him already. “I will be having a merlot steak and he will be having a salmon steak. As for drinks, we’ll both have a bourbon whiskey.”

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