Hotel Cortez - Official RP



I nodded, then paused for a moment, wondering if that was some innuendo. “Well, whatever you meant by that, you can always test out my kitchen. Just let me know beforehand.” I told her. “How long will you be staying here? At my hotel?”


I heard the baby cry and thought Oh shit. I headed down the hall towards the cries. I open the door with Oliver close in tow. “Oh Love i’m sorry it completely slipped my mind that they were asleep.” I say as I set everything down and come over to her. “I can take him if you want. I’ll unpack and then if you want some me time i’ll take the kids.” I say as I sit beside her. “I really am sorry.”

“well then lets get to that room sexy.” I say as I kiss him. I take his hand and head to the elevator and up to our room. “Im happy to be with you Henry.” I stood in the elevator lost a little in the soft calm music. I hoped Henry didn’t get mad with how much I was all over him. He always really scared me when he was mad. especially if he was mad with me.


Once the elevator stopped she quickly got off as she rubbed her arms. She looked around the halls.” I have no idea where would be our first place if we wanna see some paranormal activity?” She thought for a moment.




I thought for a moment as well, then sighed. “I don’t know either… Uh, somewhere where there aren’t a lot of people? I have no idea.” I looked around. “Should we just walk around or something?”


“Me either I’ve never really tried doing this before. But maybe we’ll find something.” Vanessa walked toward the lobby area and nodded.” Sure let’s just see if we run into something maybe that’ll work.”



Isla-Rose Holden
She wasn’t really bothered about being in a room with Winona. She internally sighed, but smiled on the outside while they started walking to their room. Suddenly the girl started asking her questions about… moving in together? I’m not having that kind of commitment, She thought to herself. “I want to do it as soon as possible!” She exclaimed, smiling, knowing that she can back out of this as soon as she gets too bored. “Maybe we can look for places after this vacation?” She suggested.

@CrazyCaliope - Winona Wilkins


I smiled at my brother. I thought carefully for a minute before whispering back to him. “We should probably try to limit it… but I think you and I both know we aren’t going to be able to resist for long.” I had a slightly mischievous look in my eyes. “We should just wait until we find the right person.”


Tabitha Sallow || Outside the Hotel
Oliver entered the room with his father and dumped his backpack in the middle of the floor. “Ooooh… bad daddy. Daddy did a wheely bad thing.”
Tabitha lightly bounced herself and Liam on the bed to try to calm him, which didn’t work. “No, no,” she uttered, shaking her head. “He’s was going to wake soon anyway. It’s almost lunchtime for them. But you can take Oliver for a walk or get something if you want?”

@bpalmer1398 - Jaxson Sallow

Henry Tudor and Reuben Graves || Hotel lobby
Reuben saw that he was being beckoned over and went to collect the bags the man had gestured to. He watched as they entered the left and quickly followed so that he knew the room.
Henry only turned back to Alexander and smiled. “Vice versa, Jones. So, the first impression, what do you think of the hotel so far? A good choice for our Honeymoon accommodation?”

@bpalmer1398 - Alexander Jones Tudor


Winona Wilkins || Hotel Lobby
Winona placed her arm around her waist, gripping her hip with hand, as she pulled Isla to her side. Almost as if she were claiming her, so no one else could take her. After the reply, she was unaware that Isla was probably playing some kind of game and was simply manipulating her. “Glad you feel the same way. Good to know we’re on the same page.” Having a look around while they walk, she asked, “What made you choose this place?”

@Ella - Isla-Rose Holden


Elijah Sultan

His face turned red and he was shocked. “It is my job. I’m your older brother.” He then quickly covers his face with a menu and starts to scan it, already knowing what he wanted. “But, if you feel as though you have to, well, another income won’t hurt.” He peeks over the top of the menu and smiles just a little, still waiting for a waiter. “But, of course, you don’t have to.”

@lanasgalasoul -Sabriya

Olive Dixon

She let out a tiny squeal. Don’t ever do that again. “Okay, I just might.” She then stops blushing and flattens out her smile just a tad. “I’m not sure? Maybe all summer.” She sighed. “I’m not in any rush to go back home, it’s just college anyways.”

@kitty4322 -Apollo


“If you want me too I will baby.” I say as I kiss her and Liam. “Ok where do you want to go and what do you want to get buddy?” I ask as I push the pram to keep Riley asleep. “I think there might be a gift shop around here Ollie.” I say as I start to unpack at least a bit I felt really bad for waking Liam. “Honey im sorry again for waking Liam.” When I finish putting ourstuff away I kiss my wife and the twins before Oliver and I find something to do.

The bell hop seemed nervous almost scared I wondered why. “Hey Henry what do you want to do when we get to the room?” I ask as I fidget a bit. I push my glasses up and I just couldn’t seem to stand still. I wanted him so bad it was unreal. This was all like a crazy dream. I never imagined that I would ever even remotely find love let alone a guy like Henry.



I nodded and looked around, then slightly shuddered. Turning back to Vanessa, I got closer to her in fear. “What if we see a ghost now? Wait, what are we going to do if we find a ghost? I’m getting scared.”



I nodded, then looked around the room for possible victims. “You’re right. We need to find something and carefully plan it out. We can’t leave any traces if we don’t want to keep moving around the country.”



I chuckled at her squeal, then nodded. “Sounds good. It would be an honor to have you stay here for the summer. Feel free to try out my kitchen whenever you want, just warn me beforehand?”


Rāwiri Taumata || Hotel Bar
As Rāwiri heard the words “This one is on me.” He sat forward and lifted his glass to clink it with the new man’s glass before repeated, “To an unfair life.” Then he gulped down the last of his drink and place the glass on the bar behind. He listened to the conversation while reaching round for his new drink the man had bought. Luckily, the barkeep new to change his drink to a bourbon, otherwise it would have been a wasted drink.

@Lady_Cannella - Giacomo Incubo
@riahh30 - Jack Coleman


She looked at her for a moment as she moved closer to her.” Don’t worry girl…we’re here together and I’m sure a ghost won’t take on the both of us?” She wasn’t too sure herself, but she really didn’t have the time to think that a whole ghost was after both of them. Just good thoughts could get her through.



Alexander Bank

He wasn’t sure if at first the girl would belive him, i mean he wouldn’t blame her he was struggling to believe some of the things that had happened. He smiled awkwardly.
“I mean, of course i am going to investigate. Maybe not now but i will definetely.”
His mind wondered for a second to what may have been behind the door. Who was the girl he met and what was she hiding. His mind raced as he thought about the possibilities.
He smiled when she asked him about where the door was. He got out his camera for refrence and passed it to her so she could see the image of the girl walking into the secret door. He walked over to the wall next to a painting. He gently reached pit his hand to touch his finger tips against the wall. He looked up and around the wall in awe. “Right, here.”


Tabitha Sallow || Outside the Hotel
“There is no reason to apologise, Jack, they need to be fed anyway,” she told him, then looked over at her oldest son. “Does mommy not get a kiss, Ollie?” Oliver ran over to give his mom and gave her a sticky peck. “You need to wash up, Ollie. But be good for daddy.” Tabitha started unclipping her bra strap to feed Liam.
After giving his mom a kiss, Oliver ran back to the door. “Let’s go, let’s go, I wan’ to go to a gif’ shop.”

@bpalmer1398 - Jaxson Sallow - They can be Approachable if you want.

Henry Tudor and Reuben Graves || Hotel lobby
In the elevator, Reuben quietly in the left corner, as he knew better than to respond or even talk in general to guests. Especially the richer, older ones.
“What do I want to do?”, Henry repeated with a glint in his eye. With his free hand, he placed it on Alexander’s chest and pushed him into the wall of the elevator. Still holding hand, he raised them above their heads and pinned Alexander’s to the wall. “Does this tell you what I want to do, Jones?”, Henry asked just before giving him a passionate kiss.

@bpalmer1398 - Alexander Jones Tudor - I mean, you didn’t actually answer Henry’s previous questions, but okay.


After the eldest of the two men turned, he noticed the curious tattoos and was going to ask about them but didn’t want to interrupt them. He realised that he really interrupted them ! “Why am I so stupid?!” He thought, “I should let them be…”
He turned at the barman and ordered another double scotch on the rocks. “Maybe the alcohol will bring her away, the regret is making me feel sick…oh Ella!” he thought while he started drinking one shot after the other. The pile of empty glasses was growing inexorably.



He stayed at the hotel bar all night, it was 4 in the morning when he left the counter.
There were a countless number of glasses…
He forgot his jacket there, the heat caused by the alcohol made him unbotton the upper part of his shirt, he was wasted. He laughed alone while walking through the hallways and stumbling on his own feets.
He had to sustain himself on the wall or he would have fallen to the ground.
There was nobody around, he rested his back against the wall and started an hysterical laugh while he was slowly falling down.
The laugh slowly died as he stayed there, alone, heartbroken. Usually he didn’t drink that much and he was always dressed impeccably but there he was, he missed Ella like crazy and the regret was slowly killing him on the inside.
He used the little strength left to get up and decided to do something reckless, something that he shouldn’t have done, all his inhibitions were gone.
He was stumbling, limping on the way, but nothing could have stopped his drunk-self. He took the elevator, arrived at the second floor, took his left then he proceeded straight forward to that little hidden door.
He entered in the darkness…
…there was a long dark hallway down there, no light, he counted the door with his arm hanging on the wall.
39…33…25…19…11…5…4…3…2…1…he counted all the doors until he arrived at his destination.
He looked at the door then all of sudden he started to bang on it with all his strength “Ella!”, the tone of his voice was filled with sufferance, anger, sadness and remorse, “Ella! Open this damn door! Let me in!” he was stuttering, eating half of the words "Please, I can’t…hic… going on without you! he started shouting louder “Let me in! Hic…I miss you…hic… piccola…please!” his voice was a sharp and loud sound in that deserted hallway “Please…”
He had serious difficulties standing, he continued to stumble on his feets, he could have collapsed on the ground at anytime now…

@Chocolate_Mama Piccola means literally “little one” but it’s like babe. It’s a really sweet nickname :blush: