Hotel Cortez - Official RP


She was very careful and delicate in her movements, she helped him until they arrived at the door the she asked him if he could have make it from there.
He answered looking at the door then at her, “Well, sure thing…” he laughed, he took in his hand the key, he couldn’t get it inside the door lock, he tried and tried until the key felt on the ground. “Errr, Ella…hic… hahaha… could you help me?” he laughed.
“You’re my knight in shining armour tonight” he kissed her lips and they were soft and warm.
He could have stood like that forever but he than left her the place to open the door, “My saviour…” he mumbled.
“Could you please help me in, then I won’t harass you anymore”, he looked at her with his puppy eyes and smiled.




I raised an eyebrow for a moment. Usually, when men gave women their jacket it was some sort of flirting, or at least in my experiences. I shrugged, it off, but took his jacket and wrapped it around myself. “Thank you.” I shook my head at his next question, but then spoke up once he took a step towards the exit. “Wait, don’t leave! Maybe I can tell you something if you stay with me.” I couldn’t let him leave, for he had already seen too much.
@jdepisode - If he still wants to leave, could she use her Concilium on him so he won’t leave?


She looked around again then looked back at her.” Just something that seems weird to be in a hallway like out of place.” As she looked around she stopped when she said she didn’t see the shining.” Really?! Maybe one of these days we can watch together! It’s a really good movie honestly. It’s what got me inspired to write horror as well.” She walked a few more steps.” You’re right it’s not fully weird here.”


She couldn’t help but laugh as she picked up the key and opened the door when she did she felt his lips on her’s. It took her a moment to wrap her head around the situation until she kissed him back with much passion. After he pulled away she took a deep breath, and smiled at him.” You taste like heavy alcohol, but I’m cool with it.” She pokes his nose as she walked into his room and set him down on a nearby couch.” Here I’ll get you some water.” As she walked around she found her way to the refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of water, and handed it to him.” You need lots of fluid.”




I bit my lip. “I don’t know… I’ve heard that the Shining is a scary movie.” I sighed. “Wait, you write horror? That’s cool, although I don’t know how you do it.” I nodded at her last comment and kept walking, until I saw a broken vase on the floor. “That looks out of place!”


“What did I do to deserve someone like you?” he said taking the bottle of water that she handed him. He took some sips, then closed it and walking towards his room, he said, “Wait me here, don’t move” he chuckled, then after entering in his room he removed his shirt and with much more difficulties his pants.
Turning around his bed he took a pair of shorts and put them on, the heat of the alcohol wasn’t helping him at all, he was boiling. He then went back to the living room smiling to Ella, he wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his forehead on hers.
He gave a peck on her nose and kissed her passionately yet gently rubbing his hands on her back. Shit, it will be so hard to stop…”, he thought, still kissing her with growing passion.



Brendan Skyles:

“A pretty face doesn’t always equal stupidity. Although, you don’t seem like the smartest apple on the tree either.” He let out another scoff before placing a hand on the wall to lean against. “You’ve known me all but two minutes and you’ve already deduced that I’ve got no intellect? Looks like I need to step up my game.”
“Legal trouble? What’d you do? Steal a pair of sunglasses from the store?”
He wished it was just for something as small as thievery. He wouldn’t be going through all this trouble for a short time in jail, and neither would the detectives that had traveled across the country just to get his ass. If anything…he’d stolen memories, a future, and a life from a complete stranger who was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. “I stole from a bank alright? Can we quit with the questions little miss curious?”
“Hm, maybe I’ll turn you in. One less petty criminal running in the streets. Maybe even get compensated for being in the dangerous presence of a mad thief.”
He let out a humorless throaty chuckle, licking his lips before letting his body turn to face her directly. He lifted his other hand up, placing it on her other side and looked down at her with a smirk. He wasnt going to jail. And he wasn’t gonna let this girl ruin that. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”


“Okay people sayyy it’s a scary movie, but in my opinion it’s not that scary.” She rolled her eyes at the thought that others say.” Trust me we can even get snacks and it’ll be so fun!” She laughed until she pointed out the broken vase.” Yeah that can be pretty outta place.” She walked over to the vase.” Maybe it fell?”


As she waited for him she looked around the living room and lightly tapped her foot on the floor. She didn’t think her night well morning would have such a turn of events. As she sat there he came back out and smiled at her. Once he kissed her she pulled away for a moment.” Oh please You’re the perfect one I’m sorry for not trusting you though.” She traced her finger on his jaw as she met him with her eyes.” I care too much about you to hate me.”



She pulled back from his kiss saying that he, HE was the perfect one, he couldn’t believe his ears and out of joy and passion he took her in his arms, bridal style. Slowly the alcohol effect was fadind away, and he had much more stability. He carried her to his bed never stopping kissing her a bit more roughly each time that his lips caressed hers. He gently put her down on his bed and said, while keeping her in his arms, “Lucky you we’re afflicted, the effects are fading away…” then he added, “Stay with me tonight, well, we can just cuddle until we fall asleep…but please stay…” he kissed her hand and hugged her thigh.



She laughed as she held onto him then rested her head on him.” Of course I will, but only because you want me to.” She couldn’t help but smile as she rubbed her hands through his hair.” Things sure have been interesting with us lately…but I’m glad we’re still close.” She couldn’t possibly understand how much she cared for him in everything he’s said and done, and the things she done. Surprisingly he was still treating her right as rain.



She was really changing him, mainly his way of behave towards her, he couldn’t have been happier.
“I’ve never been so happy since so long that I forgot how it felt…thank you piccola”. He was shirtless and slowly leaned back to go under the covers…as she followed him under the sheets, he started trailing kisses on the back of her neck, keeping her close with his arms, placed on her belly.
“Your hair smells so good, it seems like chocolate…”, he gave her a passionate kiss and then leaning back he cuddled her delicately between her arms letting her decide how to position herself.



Katya Banks

Investigate ? Why ? What did he think he would see ? What was he hoping to find out. Did he even have some ideas ? Was he trying to prove something or was he just blindly following that girl ? Acting purely out of curiosity seemed like such a weird thing for her. But she knew better anyway. She knew this guy was not really acting out of curiosity or of his own free will even it seemed like it. He was just behaving how he was supposed to do. And maybe he’d be supposed to find out about this door, uncover a great secret and putting it out for all people to see and help the world become greater. Maybe she was also supposed to be a part of that too. There was no other explanations for it anyway.
It made no sense for this guy to tell her everything about that if it wasn’t because he was motivated by something other than his own desires and ideas.
That’s why she let her eyes fall on the camera and watched what he was showing her. It seems like she was a part of that now. There isn’t that much she could do about it. The best she could do was participate by trying to give her input from time to time.
“It must be a door with a handle. The hotel’s too old to have electronic stuff.” She sighed. “Even secret doors” She knelt down to look at the floor. If they wanted to be discrete that would be a good idea to hide a secret handle there.
It would be the only place where a metal bar wouldn’t look that much out of place.
“Try lifting the painting.”


She sunk into the bed as she wrapped the blankets around.” Oh hush you now get some sleep I bet you’re tired.” She shifted till she faced him and wrapped her arms around him.” I’d love to stay close to you for the rest of this time. Who knows how long this moment can last.” She laughed a little as she closed her eyes and snuggled closer to his chest. Even though she smelled a strong went of alcohol she still smelled the faintness of his cologne. She felt safe in his arms as she closed her eyes.



She rested her head on his bare chest. He gently carressed her face and played with her purple hair, he loved that shade it fitted her perfectly.
When she closed her eyes he slightly smiled and thought “Best stupid thing I’ve ever done! Gosh she’s so beautiful!” then he whispered "Goodnight Amore mio " he closed his eyes enjoying every inch of his body touched by her. She was like a drug , he couldn’t get enough.
He finally fell into a deep sleep…



She opened her eyes slightly and smiled as he slept.” Night hon…you don’t know how much you’ve helped me in life.” She known him for years and every time she’s with him is like a whole experience. She moved her hands, and got out the bed quietly trying not to wake him. She then walked over toward the edge of the bed and held her necklace she use to wear all the time. She looked back at him then her necklace getting lost in her thoughts.



Damon Frausch:

Damon’s eyes widened with the unexpected turn of events. Suddenly she had pulled out her device and began recording and he quickly moved his face away from it. “What the hell are you doing,” he said through gritted teeth, making the sentence barely audible. “Good morning everybody! Jessica’s here! Today I’m in a ghosted hotel! Are you ready to come with me and my new friend to search for angry souls searching revenge? Ok Now we’ll enter…” She was practically flipping the camera this way and that, and if he’d learned anything about that technology it was that social media spread things wide and far. And he didn’t need that. He gave a forceful smile as he slammed the door shut and clenched his jaw. “They wont come out with you publically filming like that dear,” He was growing increasingly impatient. if she continued, he’d definitely have to be more forceful about getting his meal to cooperate.


Rhys Brekker:

“Wait, don’t leave! Maybe I can tell you something if you stay with me.”
Rhys furrowed his brows before looking towards the exit then back at her. Alright. Now hihis radar was really going off. He took another step back out of caution, his eyes circling the perimeter subtly. “Something pop up in your head all the sudden?” He said with a small laugh before placing his hands causally into his pant pockets. She seemed desperate, and the fact that she had answers she somehow didnt have before drove his mind to suspicions; he was a detective afterall. “Listen…if you’re not comfortable down here alone, I’m sure you could talk with the staff about getting a room or something…”
@kitty4322 - yup that’s fine!


Finnegan Burke and Igor Plaksin || Hotel Restaurant
Not wanting to show it outwardly, Igor rolled his eyes internally. He repeated their order, “The filet mignon, the salmon, steak fries, a beer, and a bourbon whiskey.” Finnegan nodded and rested his head back on the seat. Igor, however, didn’t notice the nod of the head, he didn’t even want to wait for their response. Turning away, he headed to the next table.

Igor arrived at the next table, trying to give them a glowing smile. They looked a lot more normal than the last two, which pleased him. Noticing they had menus, he asked, “Hello, I hope you are having a great day. What is it that I can get for you? Or do you need more time?”

@kitty4322 - Ozias Cintora
@riahh30 - Elijah Sultan
@lanasgalasoul - Sabriya Sultan



I thought for a moment, then sighed. “Okay. Fine. Although you have to watch a movie that I like with me!” I then moved over to the vase. “Why would it just fall? Maybe a ghost knocked it down!”


She thought for a moment then put her hands up.” Fine I’ll give you at least that chance.” Vanessa bent down next to the vase and looked at it.” I don’t know…I mean if it did just fall shouldn’t someone be cleaning it now? Or maybe someone was just walking to fast and bumped into it. We still need to be smart about this.” She looked around the hall then back at the vase.” I do know there’s kids here as well they could’ve broke it.”




“What do you mean?” I narrowed my eyes, then crossed my arms. “I think you should stay and follow me around for a bit.” I sighed, knowing that he’d end up being killed within a few hours. I then used my concilium on him to make him want to stay and follow me around until I killed him. Of course, he didn’t know that I was going to kill him, but I made him change his mind so he wasn’t so suspicious or about to leave.