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I guess I can live with pink idiot. She sighed. “Hello Mason. Are you going to visit often?” She figured he wouldn’t have much respect for her job here. And she also did not want to get fired because she said she was talking to ghosts. She thought for a moment, trying to think of solutions. Come on, brain. Think! I do not want a dead ten year old ruining my chances at a job.



I turned my gaze back to Finnegan. “What did you think of that waiter? Wasn’t he rude?” I looked over at the waiter again and narrowed my eyes, then back at Finnegan. “Anyway, how has your day been so far today? Have you enjoyed our little trip together so far?”


Olive Dixon

“Great!” She lets out a little yawn and smiles. “This has been fun, and it was very nice to meet you,” she says with a reassuring smile and pauses. “But, my friend is waiting for me.”

@kitty4322 -Apollo

Elijah Sultan

“Hello and thank you! We hope you are as well!” He then looks over at Sabriya and smiles. “I’m not sure if she is ready to order, but I am not.” He then pauses. “Well, for now, we will take two glasses of water please.” He stares at Sabriya. “Is that fine with you?”

@CrazyCaliope -Igor
@lanasgalasoul -Sabriya

Jack Coleman

He looked over at the other guy as he left, then looking back at Rawiri as he drank some of his drink. “Well, that was… weird.” He lets out a sigh and remembers why he even came in the bar. “So, you have any plans for the rest of the day?” He casually slides into the conversation, hoping that he didn’t come off as weird.

@CrazyCaliope -Rawiri


“Ok I love you honey.” I say as I kiss her and shoo Oliver towards the door. “Ok buddy lets go. If you need anything just call me love.” I say as I hold my phone up and get pulled out the door by my oldest son. “So what are you thinking you want to bet because I will give you ten dollars but I have to approve what you are getting.”

I kiss him back letting our fire of passion burn. “Yes and it is the same thing I want.” I hear the elevator ding and I practically run off still ahold of his hand.“What room is ours? And baby i’m sorry I didn’t respond when you asked but I love this place I think it is perfect for our honeymoon .” I frantically head down the hall. I wanted him so bad it as ridiculous.


He was light sleeper. He heard her moving away from him but he waited a little more there just to see if she would have come back. She didn’t.
He opened his eyes and sat up, she was looking a charm in her hand, a necklace.
She was so focused on that tiny object that didn’t notice him getting closer to her.
Jack slowly but not that much to scare her, moved his hands around her body, embracing her, then he leaned forward and rested his chin on her shoulder, “Are you ok?” he asked, “You know that if you have any problem you can ask me”… He then looked at that necklace, he never thought about it but she always wore it. “It’s very beautiful, is it a gift?” he smiled and hugged her trying to make her feel that he was there for her.



Sabriya Sultan
Sabriya shrugged and looked back down at her menu, leaning on her palm. “I think I will, maybe it’ll keep my brain occupied…” she shrugged again, “Hopefully this place is hiring.” She looked up when she heard another voice say, “I hope you are having a great day. What is it that I can get for you? Or do you need more time?”

A great day? Sabriya thought to herself, My day is just peachy, minus the fact that I- “I don’t care,” she muttered in response, her eyebrows furrowing as she pulled on the loose string of her sweatshirt. A water wouldn’t calm her nerves. She wanted something strong but she knew her brother wouldn’t like it if she asked, though, it’s not like she cared.

She didn’t even spare Elijah a glance as she nodded at the menu of alcoholic drinks on the wall, “Actually, I’ll have your strongest liquor.”


Marilyn Parrish
Marilyn nodded in mock interest, “A bank. No wonder you came to the Cortez.” She turned to step around him but stopped when he put his other arm up, trapping her between himself and the wall. She was beginning to feel intimidated and his “I wouldn’t do that if I were you," only set her off. She didn’t enjoy being belittled by people who clearly thought that they knew more than she did. She’s been around for 95 fucking years for God’s sake. She knew more than she should and even more that she wished she didn’t.

“Are you threatening me?” Marilyn asked as she pressed her hands to his chest, “Am I supposed to be scared of you?” She roughly shoved him away. Normally, she wouldn’t have done so. She would’ve just let him think that that he was succeeding in showing her up and then get to what she calls the ‘bedding’ and then the good part; the drinking of his blood, but this time, her she was getting more irritated than calm and she felt the need to shut him down. Maybe it was because in a way, they were alike.

Crossing her arms, Marilyn shrugged nonchalantly, “If you’re expecting me to cower away from you, then I truly am sorry to disappoint.”



Finnegan Burke || Hotel Restaurant
Finnegan nodded. “Just a little,” he added. “But what can we do? There are people like this.” He took a deep breath, almost a partial sigh, before answering the next question. Shuffling closer in the booth, he stretched his arms out over the back of the seat. “Well, it’s great but I’m a little confused actually. We’ve come here for me, to celebrate me finishing college. I thought we were also escaping normal people who don’t know us.” This was the first time he had actually noticed Ozias be like this and mention it too. He was a little intimidated in doing so. “So if it’s a vacation for me and no one knows us, why can’t I hold your hand?”

@kitty4322 - Ozias Cintora


Igor Plaksin || Hotel Restaurant
Igor watched the couple, or at least he thought they were a couple. They seemed normal, nothing seemed peculiar or abnormal about this couple. He nodded to the man, about to leave before the woman started talking. “I will give you some more time to peruse the menu and be back with your drinks; a glass of water and a shot of absinthe.”
He walked away and over to the barman to tell him the drink orders. Then he walked into the kitchen and yelled, “Order up. A filet mignon, a salmon steak with mushrooms, and steak fries.”

@riahh30 - Elijah Sultan
@lanasgalasoul - Sabriya Sultan
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Alexander Bank

He nodded to her as he lifted the painting up off the wall. He looked closely at the wall as he noticed a small metal handle like bar. He gently placed his hand on it not moving or turning it though. He turned his head back to the girl who was still yet to know the name of. “Should I open it?” He asked a little stuck on what to do. What would be behind this magic door? Where did that mysterious girl from before go? He wasn’t so sure on if he wanted to open the door but something deep inside him knew he had to. He was hesitant. Very hesitant. He worried about what lay behind. What would be the consequences of his actions. How would opening this door effect his life. His heart raced. He was scared yet very curious. He wondered what would happen to them if they opened the door and entered.


She smiled as she leaned into him and slightly played with the necklace.” Yeah my mom gave it to me. It’s like a purity ring but necklace form.” She laughed as she looked at the golden E that was on a light gold chain.” They were always so strict but sometimes I wish I can see them again, or if they care that they haven’t seen me in a while.” She looked at him as she leaned her head against his chest.” It’s stupid though. I can move on.” Her voice wobbled shortly as she tried to stay strong. She already cried too much.




She jerked her head at the sound of the waiter calling and raced to the front. “I’ll get it right away, here was your order from before.” She handed him a plate quickly. “Don’t you dare drop it.” Then she raced back into the kitchen to start on the new order. And the see if Mason would stay. God, she hoped not. If he was though, she thought she might have a solution.


Her voice was broken, like she was going to cry at any moment now…he squeezed her between his arms. “I’m sure they love you, and they care about you”. Then he came up with an idea, “If you want I can come with you…you should see, stay with them. Believe me, enjoy the time that you can still spend with them.” he kissed softly her cheek then added “Obviously if you want to do this alone, I’ll leave you to it” he held her tight then started to play with her hair while she was resting on his chest.
He started thinking about the fact that they didn’t want to spend their time with her…why would they do something like that? He then thought about his parents, I truly missed them, they helped him after he was turned. He spent a lot of time with them, tasting every moment like it was the last. He saw them growing old and even die…



She shook her head as she threw the necklace across the room.” No I don’t want to see them, and what feel their judgment? I don’t care.” She frowned slightly as she stared at the necklace. Feeling all her anger flow through her she placed her head on Jack’s shoulder.” Thank you for being here though. Just don’t leave me ever.”



“Ok, no pressure…” he felt that she was uncomfortable as she laid her head on his shoulder and talked to him he caressed her face with his hand, “Don’t worry, I’ll always be there for you”. He understood that it was a difficult subject for her so he didn’t make any pressure.
“What do you want for breakfast?” he smiled at her, “you can choose whatever you want, principessa”, he kissed her cheek and smiled like an idiot…



Katya Banks

Katya got closer to him to be able to watch what he just discovered. It really did seem like it was the handle to the door. It had to be. It wouldn’t make any sense if it was something else. Who would randomly put a painting covering a strange metal bar at the place where a secret door happened to be. This was not an accident. She didn’t believe anything was an accident but if something in life had to be…this clearly wasn’t it.
“Well yeah. What else would you do ?”
Not open it and completely ignore the fact that there was a strange secret door in the hotel he was living in for a short amount of time ? Yeah like the guy who seemed to record every single suspicious thing would drop that.
He opened the door and she looked at the small and dark hallway that was behind it. She went inside, without really thinking that much about it. What would be the point of doing that ? It would probably make her panic when she didn’t have any logical reason to.
She activated the lamp option from her phone to be able to see where the secret hallway would lead her to.
“So why are you recording things ? Are you a journalist or a writer ?”
She had to ask. She was deep enough into this to be considered involved already. It wasn’t intruding to ask anymore.



“It’s a stupid request honestly I don’t know why I want it for breakfast.” She laughed as she looked up at him and smiled.” But if you’re sure you’ll get me what I want for breakfast then I want a snow cone!” She laughed as she stood up and held his hands.” Sooo whatcha say will you get me one?! I want mine extra red as well!”



“It’s a bit unusual for breakfast but everything for you!” he laughed as he stood up.
To flirt a bit he said mischievously, “Should I put something on? Nah I think I’ll just go out shirtless…” he grinned turning his back at her, he couldn’t wait for her reaction. Then he asked, “Which kind of red? A+,0+,0-,AB,…?We can go to the hospital, they have all types for sure!”
He went to the bathroom to take a cold shower.
For the first time he didn’t care at all about his reflection, took a deep breath and smiled thinking how lucky he was…



Rhys Brekker:

Rhys had planned on leaving when she’d said those words. In fact, he’d told his body to move. But it wouldn’t. His brows furrowed in confusion and his body tensed until suddenly, the most important thing seemed to be to follow this complete stranger. He felt more relaxed. Felt more…at ease with the situation than he normally would have. “I think…I think I will stay and follow you around for a bit,” he repeated to her as he stepped towards her, farther from the exit.

Mason Juste:

“Hello Mason. Are you going to visit often?”
He glanced over at her, a look of either hate or anxiety in his eyes. No one could ever really tell with Mason. “I’ll do whatever I want. Whenever I please,” he hissed at her. His mother was the only one who wanted him…he knew that. But he couldnt deny that he missed at least some form of communication. And besides. Messing with people was much better than doing nothing. He took a step towards her before narrowing his eyes and stepping back again. He knew she didn’t want him there. When another order came in she ran out, and he stood there for a moment.
“You’re annoying and stupid. Change your hair!” he yelled abruptly before disappearing into thin air. He sighed but before he left gave a misvhevious smirk as he grabbed a knife and started carving the wall: They’re coming for you. He didn’t know what it meant…but it was carved underneath all the paint within these walls. And it was painted over for a reason. With that, he walked away from the kitchen and out in the crowds of people.

Brendan Skyles:

As she roughly shoved him back, he kept the smirk, pretending to be unphased by it all, but if she looked closely enough she would have seen that he flinched and his face fell for a split second. “Call it what you will. I call it a friendly warning with a bit of threat mixed in.” He wasnt sure how far he was willing to go to escape. But fear and hesitation was weakness, he was fully aware of that. That cop he’d killed had been haunting his dreams; he didn’t need an unnamed woman giving him that effect too.

“If you’re expecting me to cower away from you, then I truly am sorry to disappoint.” He stared at her for a moment, tilting his head slightly as the corner of his lips lifted into a slight smirk. He didn’t know whether to be impressed or disappointed really. All he knew was this was an unnecessary and annoying hassle. “I didn’t expect anything. If you don’t expect something, you don’t get disappointed with thr end results. No. What I’m doing…” he took a few steps towards her. “Is rolling with the punches.” He wrapped an arm around her neck, holding tight enough just to hold her still and began dragging her backwards towards the lounge area while checking for any open and vacant rooms he could stick her in. “I really am sorry sweetheart but I can’t risk being caught. I’m sure you understand that.”



Although she was probably making an excuse just to leave, I flashed her a smile. “Don’t worry about it, beautiful. I’ll see you around.” I gave her a quick wink, then walked off to the lobby. I sat down once I was there and took out my laptop, then started to make notes on the types of guests I saw. It was important to analyze who came to the hotel so we could advertise in a different way or change certain things.
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She stood up as she walked toward the door.” I have a few tabs of blood we can use I like to keep small viles around.” She laughed as she looked at herself in the mirror to fix her hair.” Also I should wear something as well. I don’t think it’s highly appropriate to walk around in just my pajamas.” Ella gently patted her hair as she blew a small kiss into the mirror. She couldn’t help but laugh a little to herself.