Hotel Cortez - Official RP


Reuben Graves || Hotel Lobby
“I… uh… I know I promised you a really amazing one but I can’t quite afford it just yet. I am saving, it’ll just take me longer than I thought. I couldn’t let you go without, so I got you a cheaper one that I can afford right now.” Reuben put his hand into his jacket pocket and pulled out his loosely clenched fist. Hanging from his fingers was a chain, a daisy chain. He handed her the necklace, “I hope you like it and enjoy wearing while I save!”

@Costati - Katya Banks


Finnegan Burke || Hotel Lobby
Phew… Finnegan thought, mentally wiping his brow. I’d guessed right. They walked out of the elevator. “A forensic scientist, of course, I can’t live off you all my life… or your life,” He teased. Then looking around for some to ask. “Uhh… I would if I knew…”

@kitty4322 - Ozias Cintora

ORP: Anyone free or groups okay with Finnegan interrupting to ask a quick question?


Tabitha Sallow || Outside the Hotel
Oliver’s eyes were wide and he pursed his lips, puckering them outwards. Moving his finger up, in front of his mouth to gesture that his lips were sealed.
Tabitha followed behind them, pushing the pram. Jaxson looked at her puzzled, “Love, what floor is our room on?” She took the key from him to look at the number and then at the floor chart next to the elevator. She froze before speaking, something suddenly occurred to her. “Bags. We forgot our bags and more important, the carrycot. Can you please get them out of the car? I’ll take Ollie, and we’ll meet you on the second floor, room 110.”
“No,” Oliver pouted. “I wanna help Daddy.”

@bpalmer1398 - Jaxson Sallow

Henry Tudor || Hotel lobby
Henry laughed. “For our honeymoon, Jones. Staying with me on this vacation at the hotel, that’s what I was talking about.” He smiled and directed them to check in. While the concierge got their key, Henry faced Alexander, “I know you’re probably worried about my past… well, I… I think I’m probably the happiest I’ve been with you.”

@bpalmer1398 - Alexander Jones Tudor


Katya Banks - Hotel Lobby

Katya patiently listened to him talking about the gift and what he saved for it. She wasn’t mad about the fact he had to settle for something less expensive than what he initially wanted. It was still a gift and that was already great and he promised her he was still saving for a better one so if it ended being something disappointing she knew there’d be something else in the near future.
He pulled out a necklace out of his hand and she quickly took him from him. It didn’t look that expensive and the design wasn’t the most sophisticated but it was still a good gift. She was happy it was a necklace. It’s exactly what she’d wanted.
“I love it” she said before tilting her head to be able to kiss her cheek. “It’s really sweet. Can you attach it ?”
She gave him back the necklace and lifted her hair to let him have access to her neck.

@CrazyCaliope - Reuben



I nodded and dipped a few fries into mayonnaise, then ate them. “What type of books do you like to read? What do you like to read?” I asked. “Ooh, where in the country side? What state would you live in?” I put my elbows on the table.


Vanessa blinked a few times as she held her hands up.” Okay okay I need to take a moment to think about all the things you just asked.” She laughed a little and thought.” Okay so I love reading any kind of mystery book. A many reason why I decided to come here, and I don’t know where in the country. Just somewhere nice and small so I can sit on a swinging chair outside and watch the sunset.” She replayed what she said for a moment.” I’m sorry I get so sappy at times. It’s completely stupid.”




“I guess you’re right. I would probably think that it’s some bullshit lie.” I told her, then sighed and shook my head. “I would rather harm myself. I want to feel pain. I want to get really drunk. I’m sick of being dead but then again, I was also sick of being alive. I wish I could just disappear forever.”



“I knew that, but how are you going to start off your career? Is there anywhere nearby that’s hiring?” I asked, then looked around as well and found some people. “Let’s just go ask them. They probably know where the restaurant is. If that fails, we go to an employee.”


“I can’t really help you there, can I? Do I look like God or the Devil or whoever’s really in charge of this godforsaken world? You want to feel pain? Get yourself really attached to one of these guests. Then maybe you’ll be disappointed when they’re murdered.” She sipped her wine. “Not exactly sure if that’s the most effective way, but it’s something.”



I nodded and listened as she talked. “That sounds nice.” I told her with a smile once she was finished talking. “Oh, don’t worry about getting sappy! You know, I wish I too could do that. Ooh, or ride off into the sunset with someone who I love.” I sighed dreamily. “Doesn’t that sound amazing?” I asked, looked back at Vanessa with sparkling eyes.



I glared at Rosanna. “That’s not going to happen. You know, in the twenty-three years that I’ve been here, I’ve never made a personal connection with any of the humans. I’ve just spoken to them a few times and taken their drugs, cigarettes, or booze. Besides, it’s not like I’m really interested in love at the moment.” I sighed, and took another swig of the bottle, then put it away.


Vanessa blinked a moment then waved her hand.” Love is overrated I don’t know why I even tried a few times.” She laughed as she placed a few dollars down on the table.” It’s a confusing thing which I don’t tend on learning on this trip.” She didn’t want to sound like such a downer, but after everything that happened with Luke and even her time trying other people like Kate for example. Love just didn’t work out.



“Who mentioned love? I meant it like finding a friend or something. Or even in a stalkerish way, whatever makes you happy.”



“Oh… Well, maybe you just have to try again! I’ve never been in a relationship before or even had my first kiss. I don’t think anybody’s liked me that way before.” I sighed. “But I have hope that someday I’ll find the one! I want to be just like my parents and find someone and have a daughter.” I smiled. “You know, you should be more hopeful too!”



“Well love, friendship, whatever. I’m not interested.” I shook my hand away from me in a shooing motion. “You know, I wonder what would happen if they destroyed this place. Where would we go?” I wondered, not wanting to be here any longer.


“Yeah I’ll try again when the time comes ya know.” She laughed a little as she shifted in her seat.” Who wouldn’t? I mean you’re so full of life anyways I guess it just all comes on the person really, but I’m sure you’ll find whoever it is that deserves you.” She smiled as she finished off the rest of her milkshake.” I’ll get hopeful again when I find the person that somewhat interests me. I don’t even know what I want at the moment. Or book to read.”



She stiffened. “I personally would rather not find out. I prefer being able to share my beauty with the world. If you’re really desperate to get out of here, go find one of those glowy things they call ‘computers’ and Goggle it. Or was it Goodle it? The say it has the answer to every problem or whatnot.” She rolled her eyes. “Whatever. There’ll be more than enough people with some of those things. They even have tiny versions of them!” She finished her wine before dropping the glass in the sink before putting away the bottle quickly.


Mason Juste:
It felt like years since he’d last seen mother. Wouldn’t she be back by now? He was completely aware that he couldn’t do certain things he used to but it must be because the evil men in white poisoned him. Newcombers were beginning to flood the entrance and it made him curious and excited; his mother would be in the crowd for sure this time. He glared as the disappointments surrounded him before finally walking away. He stopped near the kitchen where he saw the girl with the pink colored hair, holding a plate of juicy chicken with brocolli on the side. His mother always made him that. Told him he’d grow strong from eating greens. He made himself appear physical behind her and frowned as he reached for it. “That’s mine!”

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She was just going to bring a platter of chicken to the waiters when she heard the voice. She jumped. “WHAT THE ACTUAL F—!” She turned to where it came from. She looked at him in awe, shock, and confusion. Mostly shock and confusion. “What are you? You most definitely were not there a second ago. And I don’t know you and I know everyone here.” She slipped her hand secretly to where a nearby knife was at, ready to grab it at any second.


“Its fine Ill get our stuff and Oliver can come with.” I say as I set him down and take his hand. “lets go buddy.” I say as I head back out to the car with him. I get to the car and the door is locked. I pull out the keys and unlock the car. I look at all of our stuff and realize that it is a good thing Oliver came with so he can help somewhat. I grab the large bags and what all I can get ahold of while I hand Oliver his small bag and a few other little things then head back in."

I laugh. "I get that now Henry. Stop giving me such a hard time. I was excited to spend this trip with Henry. What he said after we got our key mad me even happier. “Really that’s good because I’m really happy with you too.” I say as I stand on my tiptoes to kiss him. “So where is our room hot stuff.” I say as I grab his had and hold it tight in mine as i whisper in his ear. “I want you sexy.”