Hotel Cortez - RP - Sign-Ups/Chat


Nah they’re in a room


Hey @riahh30, I’m sorry but Giacomo is not at the bar anymore :see_no_evil:


Yeah, @riahh30, you might want to change Jack’s post because Giacomo left the conversation. :wink:


Also, any approachable characters that want to to talk to Jaxson (@bpalmer1398) and his son?

@kitty4322, I posted this earlier…


Is anyone currently in the basement ?


I believe Rhys and bo yeon are but idk what kitty’s plans r with that


I will lol




@CrazygirldY_dY_dY, did you ever respond to Rhea?


I’m not sure, I don’t think so? I don’t remember the last post with those two talking, so probably not. I’ll try to find the last post there was in a minute.


@CrazyCaliope I posted. Still on my messed up phone so just making sure it went through


Your character was approachable and I tagged you because you asked if anyone was. I did say it all in the post, which wasn’t exactly a big post.


I know, I’m just trying to see if anyone wants to approach them before I post


Aaaaah I’m late as heck but can i still sign up for the character I reserved?


Yeah you can


Have you thought about your next character? Because I think I’m gonna start making mine next week.


That’s fine I have been extremely busy lately and havent really gotten the chance


@daisy_flower1 Hey I just wanted to check to know when do you think you’re gonna answer? (and mostly make sure you didn’t forget since you liked the post but didn’t answer. It happened to me so many times I lost count :grinning:)


Omg I am so so sorry I must have forgot I am about to leave for school now but I will do it as soon as I get home. If I don’t reply feel free to spam me


Yeah, sure!