Hotel Name change?

Hey, I was reading a story where in the background “EXT. JUVIE BELLVUE HOTEL ENTRANCE - NIGHT” (or the day version) they were able to change the hotel name. So instead of where it says “The Disston” on the Hotel entrance, it said whatever the author wanted. I was wondering how they do that?
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I think you have to create an overlay that matches the size and place it right on top of “The Disston” sign.

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Thank’s so much that does help! Do you have any tips on how to make one?

I think all you have to do is create a white image and put the hotel name in the font and color your want. So take a white, or whatever color you want the color of the sign to be, and then put the lettering on top with text or something in the color you want. Then save it, and wait for it to be approved.

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