Hotel & Penthouse backgrounds

I’m in need of hotel and penthouse backgrounds.
I’m creating a story and fell in love with the other hotel backgrounds that authors use in their stories and was wondering if anybody had ones that they could possibly share with me.

Thanks x

I’m looking for a fancy one. like a lot of moneys worth. With bedroom, balconys, livingrooms backgrounds. penthouse stuff really

have you ever read “HUNTING BAD” or “HUNTING BAD2”?
I’m looking for backgrounds like those.

I mean its gonna be hard to find randomly the backgrounds you are looking for I could give you a list of popular background and overlay makers and you could look there?

sure, thanks

try on pixabay

in the search bar search Ultimate List of Backgrounds and Overlays Editors / Creators
With the capital and everything and there will be a list of background overlay makers. click on one of them if it doesn’t say closed and it will show you there Instagram and click on the link in there bio and it will take you to there drive.

I’ve already tried that, thanks though!

I want something just as that! Did you get any?