How about a trans protagonist?

I had this idea for a story about a trans girl that isn’t accepted in real life, but she plays an online adventure game and wishes she could be her avatar. Then, her wish comes true as she is sucked into the game and literally becomes her avatar. All the other players are also sucked into the game and she makes friends but doesn’t know how much she can trust people since not everyone is who they say they are.

It’s focused mostly on the adventure aspect and isn’t focused on the struggles of being trans, it’s just that the main character is. I myself am not trans so I’m not sure if trying to write it would be insensitive or something, but I really like the idea of some people being who they want to be in this fantasy world.

Does it sound interesting? Should I start making this? I’m going to start making this regardless of the response, but if the response is bad, I won’t end up continuing to work on it and won’t post it.

(heck if the response is good I still might not ever finish it because I’m just that bad at motivation hhhHAH)


Ohhhh yes! YES! DO IT!

This sounds awesome!!! Oh my god!!! So original!! And Great story line!!!

I’d read it. It sounds really cool

Yes! I’d love to read a story like that

I would read it :smiley:

notify us when its done. I cant wait :smiley:

Yes, that sounds really cool!

Love this idea! The storyline sounds really unique and would be fun to read. As long as you have enough information on trans identity, it should be okay. Make sure you avoid cliches and things that could be transphobic. If you’re not sure if something is transphobic or could be offensive to someone who is trans, you could post the question to this forum and ask specifically for trans perspectives.

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we NEED a story like this in the Episode Community! please write it! i would read it :heart:xo

Idk, that sounds similar to “Two Sides of Me” only with a trans character
A character’s main focus shouldn’t revolve around their identity, it’s kinda offensive

(I’m trans btw)

I haven’t read that one, so I hope my idea isn’t too similar >,< and no I totally agree a character’s main focus shouldn’t be just their identity, I’m definitely going to have her be more than just trans, I was just putting the basic idea I had out there. Thanks for the feedback!

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I love this idea! There definitely needs to be more stories out there like this, this is so original - I’d definitely read this.

Have I posted here yet? I don’t know. I’ll post anyway. I don’t think it’d be insensitive, as long as you do it right and portray how they’d feel and such accurately. Give them a real personality aside from being transgender (same with giving homosexual males personalities other than screaming ‘YASS QUEEN’ and liking males).It sounds really interesting, I’d love to read it.

Me too, me too.

That’s like Jumanji but ok

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