How aggravating is this?

So I recently had a background rejected because it said it was sexually explicit, as well as a cover rejected for the same reason
The background was

The cover I had rejected I removed from my computer but It was a girl straddling a guy both fully clothed laughing.
I just found out one of my stories is trending in the top 100 so I scrolled to see if I could easily find it and in the midst of scrolling found at least 50% of the covers shows a guy clearly topless from the front, now I am not a nun but how is that different then the background I uploaded? I had to draw a tank top on the guy for it to be approved. Is there not a certain guideline that all the employees that approve backgrounds have to follow?
I just don’t understand the reasoning behind allow some to slide and others to be rejected.

  1. Could be that there’s no way of knowing if their bottom halves are nude.
  2. Could’ve been rejected in error, because sometimes that happens with some reviewers.

I’ve seen a story cover with a famous brand logo clearly in it. Prolly approved by accident. Your cover may be rejected by accident. Try uploading again.


Covers can’t imply someone’s about to have sex, just had sex, etc. I guess the pose was too much?


My cover was rejected for the same thing. Reupload it and it may be approved.

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Real life people aren’t allowed to use on episode cover, backgrounds and etc. So that might be the reason why?

I’ve seen author’s really realistically drawn covers get rejected, because episode thought they were real. You can try to upload again.


they actually told me because it implies nudity

no they told me because the guy was clearly topless which implied nudity and nudity was against their guidelines after I added a tank top to him it was approved.

it was approved after I added a tank top to the guy

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they did approve it after I added a tank top to the guy.

mine wasn’t approved until I added a tank top to the guy

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Glad it’s approved :heart: Yeah the rules say no nudity.

I do agree with this :eyes:


I wish I had kept the cover on my computer, maybe I will try to re-upload it, I thought it was ridiculous especially after what I have seen since.

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