How any people here are making a story?

If so can you tell me how you write the description and name of your story because I don’t know how to do it! I’ve done the first chapter so can anyone tell me how to post it on episode so people can read it. Thanks! It’s a new romance for romance lovers out there like myself! :blush:


Are you writing on the app or in the writer’s portal? Also, you can’t publish your story until you have wrote 3 chapters, with a limit of 400 lines in the portal and (i think) 90 lines on the app.

Go to the website, log in, go to your story, and edit anything u want.

Thx u have really helped! x :blush:

Get all the help you were looking for @gamrgrl126? :slight_smile:

Yeah. But you can always help me no matter what. :slight smile: :blush:

Well seeing as the question on this thread has been resolved I’ll go ahead and close it :slight_smile: Feel free to review this tutorial for using the forums for more info on where and how to make threads! Cheers :v:t2: