How are all ways to follow my characters and in the right order!?

I NEED HELP I need help with always following my characters and 2. I NEED HELP with zooming right in conversations and following and going back and fouth from character to character showing them having a coversation like they do it in like every story I read and what not. Hopefully you guys understand what I mean and can seriously help me. I really need help. This is why I am on here I am on my first story. Its hard. With everything. Can you guys PLEASE EXPLAIN everything to me in the exact CORRECT and right order and way and all ways to do it and then when I am done with what I want to do put it back to normal. What are all ways I can do it. Please be specific and make me finally get it.

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If you want to zoom between characters you say

@zoom on CHARACTER NAME to % in seconds

Character talks

@zoom on CHARACTER NAME to % in seconds (This is the second character)

Second Character talks

@zoom reset if you want to stop the zooming

I typically use @zoom on Name to 200% in 0


What @Kbail said, but a little different, for example

@zoom on 158 108 to 113% in 1
LYLA (shush)
I will deck you
@zoom on 277 220 to 558% in 0
&ZEKE is laugh_giggle THEN ZEKE is talk_flirt
Love you too

^ if that doesn’t make sense its because its from a random scene but basically just switch zooms in between talking

And if you need help following characters I know there is a way to do something like
&follow CHARACTER to spot 0.722 66 110 in zone 1
but im not sure thats how to do it, i just use
&pan to 158 108 to 113% in zone 1 in 5
and then do
&CHARACTER walks to spot 0.722 66 110 in zone 1
if you need any additional help lmk, i got you :two_hearts:


I screen shotted everything. You both are right im sure you can do it both ways. Right? I like it your way cause it is more easy but you didn’t explain the other things I asked help for

Thank you. I am sure both of you are correct. Its just 2 different ways to do it. But the other answer is more easy for me and understandable… And you didnt really explain exactly how I would follow in the correct way and in the right order and how many seconds etc and all that in #. You kind of made me confused. Just being honest…

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I only explained the zooming thing because that’s all i know how to do. :grin: I think i know how to do the following thing, i’m going to send it to you.

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If you want to follow characters into different areas of a background do this

@follow CHARACTER to screen center in zone 1/2/3 or 4

If you want them walking a certain way say

@follow CHARACTER to screen center in zone 1/2/3 or 4 AND CHARACTER does it while walk_neutral_loop

Example: @follow BRENDA to screen right in zone 3 AND BRENDA does it while walk_angry_loop

The different zones are the areas in the background that are off screen.

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Thank you!! :smiley:

Your welcome :grinning: And always use walking animations when you want them to look like they are walking after the phrase does it while. If you use another animation that is not walking after that phrase then they will probably slide.

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True. I am hoping people will enjoy my story. Its mostly dialouge like a real book

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Have people read it yet?

sorry lmao, im bad at explaining things. :crazy_face:

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Haha just try one more time maybe?? I STILL don’t get it haha

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tell me the exact thing you need help with and ill explan it <3

I will let you know when I publish it. I am waiting yillI feel ready. I just knoe I’ll probably end up getting negative comments. Cause I have a lot of dialogue in it for a reason.

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It’s okay hopefully you won’t get negative comments :grinning: if you want you can tag me when you publish your story.

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Thank you. Will you read it?

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Yes i will :grinning:

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Thank you!! :grinning: Do you read and write or just read, or just write?

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I do both but i read sometimes but mostly write but right now im trying to get my story reviewed
So i’m still editing it. :grinning: