How are points impacted when an update forces an episode replay?

I’ve found people asking this question on the forums, and I’ve seen some speculation, but I’m hoping to get a firm answer from someone who knows.

When you update an episode/chapter, people currently reading the episode you’ve updated will be credited a pass and forced to re-read it. Say this happens with episode 4. When the person re-reads that episode, do they earn points that stack on top of the ones from the first time they read it? Or will their points go back to what they had been at the end of episode 3, as though they were reading 4 for the first time?

I’ve seen people introduce skips for previously read episodes. Does this mess up gains/points? If not, it seems the alternative, re-reading and re-choosing, messes up gains/points. I’m wondering about points specifically: how does “rereading” an updated episode impact them? I’m trying to decide how to introduce a skip option. If I have one, I could ask readers to re-choose major choices so points aren’t messed up, but I’m worried it might instead accidentally double points for the episode.

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When a chapter gets restarted because of an update, everything gets reset as if the reader has never read that chapter yet. So let’s say they had 10 points at the end of chapter 3 and added 5 points in chapter 4 so now they have 15 points. But then you updated chapter 4 and now that reader is forced to read chapter 4 over again. So those 5 points they got in chapter 4 gets erased and reset and now their point score will go back to 10 and they will need to reread and play through chapter 4 to get those 5 points back.


Thank you so much! This is really helpful. :slight_smile:

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