How are these Outfits?

So, I just want your opinion on how these outfits are, well i am going for a business theme for those who might have Question. if you think they require any changes feel free to say or comment.

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I don’t think that the first is very “business appropriate”
The other two are good but I suggest you use “High Waisted Pockets Slacks Polyester Grey Black” in the second one. Also I’ll add some accessorize.
If you need more outfits for the workplace if you want I can send you some of mine


Pls do

I love all three of the outfits but I don’t know about the first maybe if you describe you story or her character I might be able to say if it is business worthy or not. Hope it makes sense

Well, her character is basically that she is a billionaire who owns her own company. Hope this helps

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Hope this is helpful

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Yes it does. The first outfit looks a bit fashionable and bossy. So I think it’s business type of clothes cuz she is a billionaire and the boss

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