How are you holding up?

Knowing that the forum is closing soon, I would like to know how all of you are holding up. I’ll be honest. I’m very depressed and I’m not looking forward to the forum closing, but unfortunately there’s probably nothing I can do. But anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts.


I’m really sad about it tbh, just trying to savor it as much as I can and get my story published before it closes. All I have to do is a final look and then I can publish. I think when I see the forums officially gone then it’ll really sink in.


Tbh it hit me a lot at first. I joined the new Discord and I find it really messy for the chat section, BUT, the forum section has a lot of similarities. Even if it is not exactly the same, I try to find similar elements so to melt in the new platform. :upside_down_face:
I believe the renew of the episode community mostly depends on how we participate on the new platform. I dare to think that we can bring a similar environment, but it will take time:))
As a writer and artist, it does not really change a think to my motivation, but depending on how the community adhere to Discord, the story/art promotion can be a bit more complicated :broken_heart:


Thanks for checking in with us :blob_hearts:

I’m a little upset (I think I would be more upset if I didn’t take a break from the forums from September 2022- 2024, for almost 2 years of inactivity). Because then I would have even more posts that I would miss :face_holding_back_tears: I wish everything could be saved :sob: It’s such a great resource for authors to consult…but I guess we’ll see how discord goes? I like that it does have sections like directing tips and community art.


Im pretty upset too. The forums I been on since they had just trasitioned here(back when they were a blue themed forum).
Lotta ppp I use to talk to left long before this but I stayed…Idk the forums felt like a sorta comfort. Something I could always pop in and come back to.
Now clearly thts not the case…

But I think the more upsetting thing about this for me personally

is how I was banned a few days from tht discord before I could even get settled in. There was no warning at all just a bot saying im banned now. Like everyone gets to move to the discord if they like annnd im locked out the group. Ik im not the only one but given the sudden…ope were closing down and being banned less than a day into the discord when I didnt even DO anything…

Idk when the forums do close then what???


I’m doing better. I’m back to coding my story again and making progress. While this still sucks, I’m going to give the Discord a chance and hope for the best.

And while this suck, at the end of the day this is just a small aspect to the rest of my life and everything else is going pretty good (for example I got a raise at my job).


It’s kind of you to do a check-in with the community!

Personally, I just feel bad for all the coders that might lose years of work; there’s so many templates on this platform that might be gone forever because of this situation. And there’s been some people on hiatus from the forums who will likely come back and see everything just gone.

There’s also so many new/beginner authors to Episode that won’t be able to find as much useful information for writing and coding their stories; while the new Discord server might have recreated the structure of these forums, you still can’t find the information through a Google search, like how it’s been with the forums.
Speaking from experience, it’s frustrating to be trying something new, only to have an issue that can’t be solved because there’s nowhere to look for help info. There might even end up being less newer authors because all the Episode-related info will become harder to find. : /

But enough gloominess from me. It’s been great seeing this community come together to talk and listen to each other, as well as try fighting to save the forums. Not all communities are this dedicated, so we should acknowledge everyone’s eagerness to help. : )



The Forums was always my goto spot. I understand why they closing Forums but they shouldn’t cause Forums still have alot of our memories, that we can still always go back to. Now that they moving Forums our memories will be gone.

Forums started off as a really chill and fun hang out place till people started leaving and being inactive. Then Forums started getting a lil boring for me cause most of the people i knew on this left. So i give it a really long break.

But still they shouldn’t close cause who left can easily rejoin or be active again, Forum can easily go back to being the same way as it started.


To be honest, I’m not doing too good with this change. I can’t use DIscord for OCD reasons (long story…) so I feel a little left out and even more disconnected. It would be unreasonable and selfish to expect this to change just for one person, but I do wish forums could’ve stayed open too. It’s been nice being able to meet new friends, vent and, dare I say it, to get an understanding of how things work beyond my point of view.

I do hope that Discord will be a safe and active environment for everyone though. When I used it for another group, it was a great experience with the ability to do a lot more than perhaps forum structures can allow. I’ll be floating around Instagram though and always happy to help fellow authors/ readers or just chat if anyone needs it :slight_smile:


I think discord could’ve easily promoted forums and instantly resurrected activity. I don’t even think it’s just about low activity anymore at this point, episode is doing what they think is “best” for episode. They’re closing forums, and there’s nothing we can do about it😔

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I feel like I had this same complaint, mainly with the setup being chaotic and overstimulating, but they’ve ignore it. They wouldn’t care if even 100 people had the same complaint, as long as 1000 people are still making them money, who cares right?

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I understand how tough it must be with the forum closing soon. It’s normal to feel down about losing a community that’s been important to you. Change is hard, but we can cherish the connections we’ve made here.


I hope you’re right😔

It does suck that the forums are closing. I’ll always remember them as my favorite place on Episode :revolving_hearts: But at least they’ll remain in my memories :revolving_hearts: Just 8 days left… sigh :sad_panda: I think it’s normal to be sad about the forums closing, whether you’re an active user or not, because at the end of the day, many of us rely on the forums for when it comes to coding our stories :joy:


Genuinley so upset. I ave no clue how to use discord. The interface is so confusing to me. I’m gonna miss it here even though I’ve only been here a short time :frowning:

Update: I think episode is really putting the nail in there own coffin with this decsion. Not only have less people been reading but now even LESS will be coding. I come across problems everytime I code and I’ve been doing this since 2016/17 Imagine a new coder who’s trying to learn!!!. The forums have always been so helpful as a coder. This really is the beginning of the end for the app I fear.


I feel like closing the Forums entirely and the move to Discord is going to backfire terribly on them :sob:


I agree.

I really think Episode is making a big mistake by closing the forum, especially since it’s been so helpful to the Episode community. Discord would be okay for chatting but not to replace the forum. One of the worst things about the forum closing is that a lot of good posts will be wiped out of existence.


It hurts to even read this :face_holding_back_tears: