How can I add my custom overlay in my story?

I want to add a character hiding behind a potted tree plant spying on two other characters, how can I do that?
How can I add the custom overlay?

You can put…
@overlay NAME create
@overlay NAME opacity 1
@CHARACTER moves to layer 2
@overlay NAME moves to layer 3
For the characters to be in the back the overlays layer has to be bigger than the characters layers. And the other two characters have to be bigger than the overlays layer and the character layer!
I hope this helped!

You can upload the overlay in the art catalog. Go to “overlays” and select “Uploaded to your account” and then you can pic your photo overlay

I’m wanting to have a character to hide behind a plant, how can I do that?



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You have to layer them…
@overlay PLANT shifts to spot(spot direct it)
Then you need to layer it
@overlay PLANT shifts to layer 1 AND UNKNOWN moves to layer 0

I tried that and it didnt work

So, shift it. This is an example from my script.
@overlay EXCLAMATION MARK shifts to 160 223
Then layering
@overlay CURSOR shifts to layer 17
Then finally opacity
@overlay M shifts to layer 1
Try that with your plant overlay.

It’s still not working
I’m wanting it in zone 3, is that why it isnt working?

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Can you screenshot your script? Or paste it.

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You have to put in zone 3 after the coordinates

I don’t see where you have the overlay at.

For it to show, write this:
@overlay NAME create
@overlay NAME opacity 1 in 0
Then show me the shifts and scales.

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Yeah, same. I don’t see it. I showed her how to shift it, layer and opacity.
But yeah I forgot the create because I normally put it with the background.

I took it off because i couldnt get it to work
I’ll try that real quick

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Okay, now click on ‘directing helper’ and select where it says ‘overlay’ and move the overlay to the spot you want.
Then copy and paste the coordinates in your script and add it to a specific zone.

@overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to 196 223 in zone 3 (or whatever zone you are in)
@overlay OVERLAYNAME scales to 1.0 1.0

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Thank you I got it to work

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That’s great!

No problem! Happy writing, love :yay:

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