How Can I Buy Outfits For My Episode Avatar On The App?! Help!😳❤️

Hi Guys The Title Says It This Is What I Mean So You Can Buy Amazing Outfits For Your Avatar How Will I do that If Someone Knows Help?!

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I am pretty sure you cant do that, how she got that dress, I have no idea.

Oh she’s just an ordinary episode author and she says she bought it buy paying 65 diamonds😳

weird, never seen it before

Yeah i just discovered it she don’t tell how can she bough a dress for her avatar!:sob:

I dont see such option there. If she is not willing to tell how - you can always send ticket to episode support and ask them.

spend gems

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btw … she has more of them, this one is also not normally availible

I have spend some decent amount of gems and have no new clothes… I think it might be when you buy dress in episode original story maybe you then get it to your avatar too (I never buy dresses for gems)

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ye :blush:

Maybe you can ask someone from like @Melani3 , tho idk if she knows something… I say send a ticket. I will buy a dress in a story and see it it appears on my avatar lol!

yesssss go to that bachelor episode and buy all their gem choices, you keep whatever outfits you buy

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Maybe she works for episode that’s why?

No she don’t work for episode she’s just a small author!:blush:

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Well did it work?:flushed:


I bought the blue dress in the start of “Coming For The Crown” and it didn’t work…


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