How can I change another character eye color (or any other facial feature) and be able to change it back?

Hello hello my pretty darlings…
So in my story, Love in Outer Space, I have CC for the MC. However I change her eye color to red later in the episode (don’t ask), and I’m wondering how to change it back to the color the reader picked. Is there any chance someone could script this for me?

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Okay so you would do:

@MC changes eyecolor into ____

Is that really all I do? o.o

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I’ve seen it done before but I don’t know the exact coding and it isn’t that above.

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I think so, it’s not actually that complicated XD

It’ll probably take forever to code :tired_face: I can figure it out!

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She doesn’t want to just change the eye color, she wants the script to remember her original eye color, and then have the character change back into it.

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@CHARACTER previews eyeColor name

@CHARACTER unpreviews eyeColor name


Thanks, I’ll test this!

Thanks so much! :grin:

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