How can I change my email to a email which is already in use (SOLVED)

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The problem (solved)

So I wanna change my email to another one (which I know how to do) But when I change it says This email is already in use. So I sent a help ticket to delete the account with the email I wanna use so that when deleted I can switch the email, But I’ve not heard back from them since after 25-10-21. (I don’t know the exact date when I sent the ticket)

Please help, I’m not receiving any emails from forums because the email entered is an invalid email but they accepted it.

The Solution

I created a useless google account, I logged into my old account and changed the email to the useless email. Then I logged out and logged into my current account, Then I changed my email to the currently active one, Then I deleted my useless account


Closed by OP request. :smiley: