How can I change the eyebrows shape?

So I want to change the eyebrows shape for the character in the middle of the scene
I tried: @CHARACHTER brow changes into __
But it doesn’t work
What do I do?:upside_down_face:

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You spelled it wrong that’s all.


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Eyebrow not brow I think
@ARIA changes eyebrows into Arched Thick Styled


God, I feel like such an idiot. But thanks so much though it worked :+1:t5:

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Yep! I wasn’t sure so I looked at a customization template. :joy:

And don’t worry if you make mistakes like that again, it happens I do it all the time.

Oh, well thanks a lot. I literally finished 2 chapters and still didn’t know how fix this error.

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Thnx babe

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