How can I change the face expression?

Hi there !
I was always curious how can I change the expression of face. I mean for example My Psycho (Bukki :heart:, amazing story).
The author changes expression of face (but not like to color or shape) but the view. This character is slaping someone and after animation ends, character still does the same but he is smiling. I don’t know if I explained it understandable but I wrote how it looks like.
Maybe somebody watched this or heard about it ?
(I didn’t mean fast ending animation).


Wait so the exact same person is slapping someone put they are smiling?

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Does she zoom in??

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You need to do this

@CHARACTER starts (put animation) THEN CHARACTER start (put animation)


&CHARACTER starts (put animation) THEN CHARACTER start (put animation)

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Its overlays my love, also agreed. Great story, addicted to it :heart_eyes:

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No she doesn’t zoom it :slight_smile: and yes, when character ends his animation his face (and only face) is smilling.
Lol it sounds weird…

Thanks for trying to help me :grin:

Oh dear :woman_facepalming: I thought for a quick moment that maybe it is overlay but I left this idea :sweat_smile: . But when you wrote that you know this story and when you said it’s overlay - I am pretty sure you’re right :slight_smile:

Thanks for help !

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Hello! I’ve figured out how to do this! It wasn’t overlays, it’s outfits!

Here’s my thread to help you! :heart:

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Oh, thank you ! I did it with overlays but it didn’t work as well as I thought and when I tried every single command I know and I saw how it works with outfits ! But your message help others and all so thank you again :heart:

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