How can I chnage a charcter cloths and make them enter in their new cloths?

hey guys ive been trying this out but it hasent been working

@LEVI changes into LEVI_wedding

@LEVI enters from left to screen left

also can somene please explain to me what zones are and how they can be used? and what r over lays?


what are you trying to do? what is not working?

as for your questions…

i suggest taking a look over this guide if you are confused about overlays.

It seems like you have a lot of coding questions! My family would be happy to help.

im trying to get them to change their outfits but everytime I check for errors and error pops up. The error says that it is not a valid command . Also thank you for the zone thingy.

can you please send me a screenshot of your script (where the error pops up)?

the error starts at

@ALEGRA changes into ALEGRA_wedding

you have mispelled “into”
@LEVI changes into LEVI_wedding
you forgot “from”
@LEVI enters from left to screen left
@ALEGRA enters from right to screen right
and the character’s name must be in all caps.
@ALEGRA faces left

oh my god im so stupid. thank you so much for ur help. My last questio would be how do i make it so that some character are infront of others?

you use layers. take a look here to find out how to use them.
if you have more questions feel free to message me :two_hearts:

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