How Can I Combine These?

Anna in her room
Anna: (Eli and I have been on our “break” for a week now…)
Anna: (I miss her so bad! I wish I had known Kalen liked me.)
Anna: (I hope she doesn’t reject this…)
Anna: (I’m so nervous!)
Anna calls Eli
Anna:thank you
Eli: No problem.
A Few Minutes Later
Eli walks up and sees Anna waiting for her with a promposal sign in one hand and a single buttercup (the flower) in the other**Anna takes a deep breath
Anna: Eli, I know you’re upset at me, but could you meet me at our spot in 10?
Anna: I have something to ask you.
Eli: I guess
Anna: Eli, I’m sorry about everything that happened…
Anna: Could you find it in your heart to forgive me and go to prom with me?
Anna: If you say no, or hesitate…
Anna: I’ll get the hint and leave your life forever.
Anna: (Even though it’ll hurt like HELL!)
Anna tears up
Anna: Okay, I get it…
Anna: I guess…
Anna: I guess this is goodbye.
Anna runs away and falls to her knees nearby
(I should have guessed)
(I never deserved her anyway…)

(But… It hurts!)
Eli:Anna?Anna: (Eli…?)
Anna: Y-Yeah?
Eli hugs anna
Eli:I’m sorry
Anna is surprised
Anna: F-For what?
Eli:I didn’t mean to make you cry
Anna: I-It’s okay.
Anna: I just miss you, and the thought of you not wanting me in your life…
Anna sobs
Anna: It hurts really bad…!
Eli: Anna I was just surprised
Eli: I want to say yes
ANNA smiles, and ELI holds her hand
I still love you, Ann.

I cannot understand what you are trying to say. Do you want these lines to occur with the characters or you want them to come from the art scene characters?

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I want to combine both scenes into one episode and situation

You want the lines to come from the characters of the screen?

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I want a way to have both if these SEPARATE scenes in the same Episode

Can you like tell me where the scene changes?

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I’m trying to FIGURE OUT where to put each. I just know I like both and am trying to figure out how to use BOTH. I can tell you the situation leading up to it and leading up to the picture tho.

Ok so here’ how this goes :

INT. CUTE BEDROOM GIRL - DAY (or any other background you like, you can get those in the ART CATALOG)
(then your lines continue : )

Here the scene changes again by choosing another background and your lines goes like this :


If you need more help you can watch these tutorials :

Or please give me more details or can you send me the pic of your script where you are using it

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