How can I delete a Story? I NEED URGENT HELP!


I really need help. I made 4 mobile creation stories and published them but looking back they are so embarrassing and I just want them gone. I made them invisible to my profile, but after publishing a new story, it clutters up my page. Is there any way to get rid of them? And if i can, will I lose the reads I’d earnt?
Here is some information about the stories
They are mobile creation
They have between 3 and 9 episodes
They are invisible to my profile
They are publised
They are ink
Altogether they have 198 reads, so I really don’t want to lose that.

Please can someone help me._


I don’t believe there’s currently a way to delete a story permanently.


Oh that really sucks… Are you sure there is no way?


Unfortunately, there is no way to delete stories currently but support the wonderful @Apes’s thread for a chance of it to be implemented:

~ Winter :snowflake:


THANK YOU! I’ve commented and liked, but will it ever happen?


Maybe you can just delete your script and replace with whatever, which is at least 400 lines? You can just write down the lyrics of Winnie the Pooh or something. Just make sure to retitle your story ‘Deleted’ before you publish it :smile: (Also I don’t know what the guidelines say about this :smile:)


The problem is, I don’t want it there cluttering up my page, but thanks anyway xx


Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: