How can I do 180 to an overlay?

So I have this scene. Here the car is facing right. BUT I want to make it face left. How can I do that? Or is that even possible?

&LUCAS spot 0.983 157 -44 AND MAX spot 1.100 51 -96 AND MAX faces right AND LUCAS faces right
&overlay CAR SIDE PURPLE create
&overlay CAR SIDE PURPLE shifts to -3 -2
&overlay CAR SIDE PURPLE scales to 0.604 0.604
&overlay CAR SIDE PURPLE moves to layer 3
&overlay CAR SIDE PURPLE opacity 1
&MAX moves to layer 1 AND LUCAS moves to layer -1

You need to flip the car before you upload it as an overlay. You can’t rotate it in a way to make it face left.

I think you have to upload another overlay facing that direction

Ahh okay. That’s too much work :smiley:
Thanks anyway

@Nick @Sydney_H

This thread can be closed! It has been solved

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Closed by OP request. :slight_smile: