How can i edit text

Any of these?

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they are cool but can you edit fire back? And can you teach me how you did it because next time i know :wink:

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i like the brown one

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What do you mean by fire back

like that

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Oh, you have to code the fire.

okei i try

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can you do that png?

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Yes I can

please do :relaxed:

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how can i code fire?

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thank you !! :smile:

Let’s me ask @RudeInception, @JemU776

Like moving fire?

No like put fire back to the text (sorry if you dont understand English is not my first language)

Oh. You need an overlay of fire. Then you upload it and add it to your script. Or alternatively, you just find a fire png image and add it to your text.

ou okey i try. Thanks

Can you edit it to png? :relaxed: