How can i get my character to already be on the screen when she/he enters the room? ;p

&CHAR stands at a position goes here
@transition goes here


&CHAR stands screen left
@transition fade in black 2

Oh, I’ll try ahah gimme a sec, ty btw!!

It worked! Ty, but I have one more question (sorry to be a hassle). I was wondering how do i get them to zone 3 and 4 when i transition is it like this?

&CHAR stands screen left AND CHAR goes to zone 3 ?? I have no idea ;p

So you want them to walk to zone 3, right?

Yep, i just dont want it to appear xD So pretty much i want the character to already be there ;p



And if you want your character to be there instead of following them, you’d do:

&cut to zone X
&CHAR stands screen POSITION


&cut to zone 3
&CHAR stands screen left

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I find theis very helpful…A summary of the Directing commands :point_down::point_down::point_down:

Big help tbh, i don’t get much off of the videos having to remember it, now i can look back at it, so thanks!

Oof ty ;p

Well, practice makes perfect. Watching videos/reading guides, whatever helps is nice. But practicing is the best way. And feel free to ask questions at anytime :black_heart:

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Awh i will, whilst you’re here, do you have a story i could read? Im having trouble finding good stories ;p that interest me*

Check him out

I watch him i just dont get much from him tbh, i find more help from this then him ;p

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Hmm, you can post a thread in the Promote Your Story section asking for stories that interest you (maybe there’s a genre you like & mention in details what you’d like to read about)

Also, you’ll find plenty of threads in that section, so you’ll come across awesome stories :smile:

Alright ;p Tyyyy <3

NP :v:

Welp… I just tried the zone 2 thing and my character hasn’t popped up in zone 2 ;-; Omg i feel so naggy lmfaoooo, Sorry ;-;

What’s the code saying?

I just fixed it xx I guess i can be independent afterall! Ty for the help xx