How can i get my character to already be on the screen when she/he enters the room? ;p

I just fixed it xx I guess i can be independent afterall! Ty for the help xx

If you want your character to stand in example zone 2. You first write in your script
@pan to zone 2
@character stands screen center
AND if you want her to stand there you can write which spot you want her to stand in by using spot directing
After that you can move your character Choose where on the screen you want her to stand also the size. When you done that you write
@character spot… In zone 2 at layer…(Choose which layer)

Tysm ahaha

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If you need a example to make it easier i can send you one

I think it’s fine for now, i will ask tho if i need one, just incase xx Ty tho!!

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If you need to know more about directing you are free to add my IG: summer.beautygirl and I can help you out

Alright xx

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Nice, but it should be:

@CHARACTER stands screen center in zone 2

@pan to zone 2

So they don’t pop out of nowhere when you’re panning to zone 2.

So you put the place they’re standing in first when they’re in a different zone in your script, and then you add the pan afterwards :revolving_hearts:

Oof thanks, saved me confusion xD

Haha xD i didn’t confuse. I just wrote how i do it. After i made the spot right i put it above pan to zone

like this? This is how i do it.

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Thanks for the help also I was having trouble with this as well! :blush:

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Thank You so much :revolving_hearts: