How can I get reads?



Hi. I have been working on my story for 2 years now. I don’t want to put my all into it and not get the reads I deserve. How can I get alot of people to read my story as soon as I publish it? I want to get more familiar within the community as well. If anyone is interested in Being my co-author, I am accepting requests. Can anyone reading this please take the time to follow my instagram: babydoll.berry Thank you, love. <3

How to have readers?
Tips for reads!

I know the feeling of 0 reads… I am still low but this is my method… I am getting my friends who have episode to read my story and if they like it share it with their friends and so forth… Then yeah… You get reads lifted. :3


Drop you story details in topic lik3
I want to read your stories
You need to have patience though :upside_down_face: and you can even make thread for promoting my story or r4r or I published my first story , go read it :upside_down_face:

General chat , or hey I am new , or wanna be friends ? Type of thread will work
Also the forum games and RPS are useful or maybe the weedings :joy: (I meet my forum family through someone’s weeding :smirk:)


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I recommend publishing on a consistent basis, either once a week, every other week- or three episodes once a month. It’s all up to your pace of writing. You’ll want to publish at a safe pace, so that you keep ‘dedicated’ readers, but not so quickly that you can’t publish regularly anymore.

(dedicated readers being readers who continue to read your story)

As mentioned above, read for reads are good to get some tips on how to improve your story and reads. However, after awhile read for reads hurt your reader retention (the system that pushes your story to higher in the ranks, thus attracting more readers).


Thank you That’s A good Idea. But I don’t Have Friends. At least not in Real life.


Okay. True Read For Read. Thats A good Idea. <3


true… Wow… Your’e right you just made so much sense but thank you for the suggestion.


I would love to read your story and mention it


Hey! Honestly same. I’ve been working on my story for I think more than 2 years and I didn’t publish it still bc I want it to be perfect. And at first I published the first chapter, and it was really good, in my opinion, but it took me maybe a month to reach 100 reads it went by really slowly. Then boom! One day a bunch of people read it till it got to 123. I hid it now tho, bc it’s not finished the first 3 chapters, but if you think yours is good, publish it!


wow! Same Here! I can Relate to everything you just said! I wish i Had help.


Thank You @Kamorie1027 Do you Have A social Media? If so Can I add you?


My insta episode_lover1027


@Kamorie1027 I followed you.


If you need help or someone to proofread your stories pm me! Maybe we can both help eachother hahah




**Does anyone have any tips for getting more readers. I recently published a story two weeks ago. It has 4 chapters with 21 reader but those reads are r4r. Can anyone give me any tips on how to get readers?


This is my story cover and link btw!**

  • Read For Reads
  • Reviews (this provides potential readers with the information they need that could possibly lead to them reading your story and it also lets you know what you could possibly change to improve)
  • Instagram - the Episode community is hugely active on Instagram. Promote your story on there and use all the Episode hastags (there are loads).

  • Use tags like: pregnancy, bad boy, gang, etc. because they’re all what the most popular stories are about, so when people search those key words, your story will come up.
  • Follow a bunch of randoms on the app so that they will get a notification, click on your profile and maybe they’ll be drawn in by your title/cover?
  • Add the links to your story in your forums account profile and insta if you have it


Thank you :heart:
-My only problem with the read for reads is that they only read an agreed amount and then they stop so technically I have no loyal readers lol
-I do have an instagram and people tend to like my pictures but do not read my story.
-I feel like I’ve seen stories worst than mine with a lot of reads so its just frustrating lol.