How can I give readers the option to skip a chapter they've already read?


When I notice errors in my already published chapters, or a reviewer points out a directing error, I usually go back and fix it then update my story on the app. But doesn’t this make readers have to re-read a chapter? If so, is there a way I can add an option for readers to skip that chapter if they’ve already read it?


label skip_episode
I had to make some changes in this episode. Do you wish to re-read it or skip it?
Are you sure you want to read ep 9?
Here you go!
goto ep_9starts



goto skip_episode
Are you sure you want to skip ep 9?
Here you go!
goto ep9_end
goto skip_episode

label ep_9starts
#story here

#end of episode
label ep9_end

It just an example that I’ve made for my friend :slight_smile: change what you want :slight_smile:

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What you want to do is at the beginning say

Have you already read this before?

“Yes” {

goto endofchapter1 (or just any label you want)

“No” {

goto readchapter1


label read chapter 1


label readchapter1 (or any label you want)

the labels and gotos have to have the same name. Hope this helps!


One more thing:
A lot of readers making a mistake and skipping an episode they didn’t read.
I would leave a teaser of the event/situation what happened in the episode you’re allowing to skip so they know if they read it or not.


Thanks! That was very helpful!


Hi, I wonder,

  1. If they choose skip read, they will go to end of that episode. Will they burn their pass?
  2. Is it possible for them to skip the episode and go to next episode without burning their pass?


1.Yes, it will be like wasting a pass although if you need to re-read episode you always receive a “free” pass.
2. No there’s no other option, but with that free pass, it shouldn’t be a problem.


Thank you @Apes

I wonder, if we edited a bit then we publish again, will the readers progress of reading our story will reset? Does it happen every time we edited or just on special occassions?


Yes, it will still reset… It’s so annoying we can’t even make small changes! :roll_eyes:
It happens every time you edit anything in your script.


uh… thank you @Apes . That really helped me here :ok_woman:


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