How can I have a character walking to the back and zoom same time?

I want to have my character walk to her bed which is in the back of the screen, but when I try to zoom in at the same time, it zooms either before or after… how can I make it work? I’ve tried to look online, but it really only shows the camera following to a different zone. I need it so She walks back, and the camera follows her as she does.

So you want the zooming in and your character walking to the spot to happen simultaneously?

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Yes exactly! Is that possible?

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Yes it’s possible. For that you need to use this format:

&CHARACTER walks to spot x y in s
@zoom on x y to (number)% in s

Make sure the timings are the same.

That way, the character will be walking and the camera will follow at the same time.

hope this helped!


@aesme is correct. You can do that, or:

&zoom on spot in T
@CHARACTER moves to spot in T

‘&’ means that the script continues whilst the current command is happening.

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This worked thank you so much! :blush:

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I’m glad it worked, and you’re welcome :heart:

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