How can I have a choice inside a complex choice?

I made a complex choice, so after that I wrote what was gonna happen in one of those two complex choices so I put the “if” and “else” command. I made a dressing game in if and it says that I can’t have labels (these labels are from the dressing game choices). How can I make a dressing game inside complex choices?

You will have to use goto and label. Then at the end of the dress game use your if/else for the choice to go back to it.

“Choice 1”{
gain choice_1
complex choice here up until the dress game
goto dress_game
“Choice 2”{
gain choice_2
repeat above if necessary

label dress _game
dress game here

*carry on with choice 1 here”
choice 2 script here

I hope this has helped a little :slight_smile:

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Thank you :grin:

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