How can I have characters speaking while speechbubbles are appearing at the same time?

Hi! I am creating a story and I would like to create a scene where I can use a narrators speechbubble, but also have things going on in the background. Sometimes when I want this to happen the characters have to stop speaking in order for the narrators speechbubble to appear. How can I have them speaking while speechbubbles are appearing frequently? If anybody can explain this to me that would be amazing :blush:

If you want the character’s and narrator’s speechbubble to appear at the same time, that’s not possible (unless you use overlays). But if you just want to make it look like they are talking in the background, you can easily do it while using loop animations, like:

&CHARACTER1 starts talk_armscrossed_neutral_loop
&CHARACTER2 starts listen_nood_neutral_loop


And if you use & instead of @, everything on screen will happen at the same time without a pause (for speechbubble placement you’ll still need to use @)

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Ohh okay thank you so much.

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