How can I have my character talk while doing a full body pan up?

Alright so I’m having a little problem with my script and don’t exactly know what to do to get what I want.
So the main objective is to have a full body pan of my character while their “Narrator” talks at the same time. For example, this is what I have:
@CHARACTER spot 1.082 168 94 in zone 2
&CHARACTER is talk_armscrossed_neutral_loop
@cut to zone 2
&zoom on 481 0 to 298% in 0
&zoom on 481 164 to 298% in 10
&zoom on 481 287 to 298% in 10
&zoom on 481 369 to 298% in 10
blah blah blah

I don’t know if this is correct or even close to what I said above but if anyone knows, it would be a great help. THANK YOU!!!


Use the THEN/then command so:

&zoom on 481 0 to 298% in 0 then zoom on 481 164 to 298% in 10 then zoom on 481 287 to 298% in 10 then zoom on 481 369 to 298% in 10
Blah blah blah


OHHHH that makes sense now. Thank you


Ok update: I don’t know if I exactly coded it right but I used the word then with the zooms and everything all on the same line and it kept on saying error.
I also tried doing them separately but that obviously didn’t work. So I just went back to what I originally had and now that works??? I honestly don’t know what happened but I mean it works now so thanks for your help anyways :upside_down_face:

Hey I don’t know if you still have the zoom problem, but if you do, you should know that it’s because you are using & after &

you can’t have a &zoom fallowing a &zoom line, the codes will try to take action at the same time and end up canceling each other until it reaches the last & zoom command. I suggest you use THEN.

For example :

&zoom on 679 149 to 183% in 1 THEN zoom on 679 149 to 150% in 1

You can add as many THEN as necessary.

Omg thank you so much. It didn’t even click in my mind about the symbols. Thank you!!!

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