How can I help with your stories? (Always Open!)

I’m using my forum account to help small authors or any authors who really need any help!
Whether that be:

  • writing
  • directing
  • etc
  • just getting your story out there!

I want to help in anyway I can! Everyone could use a helping hand and I want to be yours!

I created this google form that you guys can fill out so I can know how to help you specifically!

How Can I Help? - Google Form

I also have created other posts for promoting stories and getting read 4 reads!
This one is for helping with the actual story and getting it out there also! :slight_smile:

Hope I can help!

**I also have an instagram account: @epy_readers to help get your story out there and you can DM me on my main account: @writtenbyamberw for 1 on 1 help!
**You don’t have to do anything for me besides say Thank you :slight_smile: and hopefully, help someone else in the future!


Hi, I might need help later. :))

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I’ll make sure to add you so we can set it up!

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