How can I improve my writing skills?

I’ve been writing a story lately but I’m worried about storytelling and just writing good dialogue.

Dose anyone have any suggestions/advice on how to improve ??


My suggestion would be to flesh out your character. Know about your character well and then think: how would they say it? What would they say? Do they have a accent? Such like that.

Just my opinion though.


.I am good with story line.

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I write story line really good you can do this try .when I write story line. I am about my story
You be good at it takes your time dont rush it ok.


I’d give these tips:

  1. Nothing can teach you how to write dialogues better than TV shows. Watch TV shows and notice how the dialogues are in them. Episode stories are much like those TV shows so you’ll get your help there.

  2. As @SakuraCheam suggested, know your character. How would he react in a certain situation? What would he say when someone told him that? All of that things.


Yea thanks that’s good advice

Thanks yeah I get what you mean. Btw I love your pfp

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Thank you.

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