How can I keep her facing the mirror when she's at the sink?


Yeah…how I can keep her with facing the mirror? I got:
@ROSALINA spot 1.280 160 0 in zone 3
@ROSALINA walks to spot 0.704 146 239 in 4 AND ROSALINA starts walk_neutral_rear

But once she’s at the sink, she starts facing left.

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Yes. So
@ROSALINA faces left AND ROSALINA is rear

Okay. Thank you. I’ll reply back to you in case it doesn’t work.

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I made her look right instead so she’s actually facing the mirror but she’s looking left…

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Yeah for rear their is a glitch for any rear animations. You have to put right to face left vice versa

So faces left


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Okay. I got it now. Thanks!

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Also is there an overlay of a bathroom sink to use so when I zoom into Rosalina’s face, it will also show the bathroom sink.

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I dont have one sorry.

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