How can I make a cover like this

Okay so I’m reading this awesome story, but I want a cover like this anyone know now she or her Cover creator made this

I beg y’all

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the faces look like they’re from Artbreeder

dunno about the body- maybe they drew it or sumthing :>

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Okay I Know this isnt procreate because ive seen loads of covers from that app but i think Ive used artbreeder before ill check it out <3

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@yves can tell you
on insta: @episode.yves

I don’t use Instagram :/, Is there any way i can dm her here bc i don’t really use social media

yee, idk how active they r on here but its @yves

Okay Thank You

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as an artist I have bit hate for art breader, but as long as its not art theft, its not a problem.

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what is it

art breader is a program there make art for you. I only tried it a little bit and honestly think it dosent work well, but I guess someone who can find out of it can do better.

but I still dont like it.