How can I make a dressing game more interesting?

Do you know how?
Thank you in advance

What do you mean by dressing? As in a dressing game?

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Yes, sorry for misunderstanding

In order to make it more interesting, you may add music or sound effects, flashing lights, or modeling animations. Such as strike_a_pose [for INK] or dance_drop_it [Limelight]. Hope this helps!

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you can show h outfits on manekins or you can make them as tappable overlays .


Thank you so much! I will definitely add a few of your suggestions

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How do I make them as tappable overlays?

you have to upload them first from the catalog - not all brovisers alow it I think chrome does…you simply open the clothing (there where you choice clothes for character) and right tap and upload the picture to your PC

Than in any program that alows manipulating with pictures (GIMP for exampe) you put them together as you need and make the background transparent and save the complete set as new png file.

Than uplode it like your own overlays.

mtapable works as normal choice actually.more to it here

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Thank you very much! :bouquet:

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