How can i make a fight with magic power overlays

Hello, i tried to make a script for my story with fight magic power overlays but it looked poor quality for this story, How can i make it? I know it’s something with overlays directing but i want it to look good and real. So can someone tell me please? A script or anything would help.
And sorry english is not my language. Thank you.


What kind of magic overlays are you thinking?

Well i have these overlays for magic powers, and i want to make a fight scene with them, for ex i want to make the twins in my story fight eachother but like brothers not enemies, and in future chapters i want to make fight scenes for the other characters like enemies.

Only way I can think how to make it kinda realistic is to just shift the overlays around in different speeds.Characters too. It animates the scene and makes it look pretty anime like.


Okay i will try this, thank you very much.

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