How can I make a "full screen" overlay?

I want to make a script that shows your score points overlay…
But I want it to stay in screen forever, if you @pan to another screen, I want the overlay to stay in the same position. If you zoom, I want the overlay to stay in the same position and if you change background, I want it to do the same.
I think that it’s really difficult but if somebody knows how to make one of these three problems,
reply me! :heart:

Use ui instead of overlay

@ui OVERLAY_NAME create
&ui OVERLAY_NAME opacity 1 in 0
@ui OVERLAY_NAME shifts to x y in zone # in T and ui OVERLAY_NAME scales to % %

You can learn more about the ui interface here:


@Dara.Amarie I’m gonna script the full score points table, but if you know how to make one table of these without scripting could you tell me how?