How can I make my characters hug and kiss?

Can you help me about how to make my characters hug and kiss?
Thanks for your answers!

Just put them in the spot u want them on

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And then start the animation ,like
@CHARACTER1 stands spot X Y Z and CHARACTER1 faces left
&CHARACTER starts hug
@CHARCTER2 stands spot X Y Z and CHARACTER2 faces right
&CHARACTER2 starts hug_rear
(Maybe this works😓)

Thank you so much!
I have one more problem

She doesn’t face her

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Put her on the spot u want her n put faces right n Hug

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I wrote there


Lol sorry :sweat:
@CHARCETR1 faces right
(It should work🙃)

Where should I write it?

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After you Spot direct the rear one character.
Just put right instead of left🙃

So…ah-ha? Did it works :upside_down_face: I just don’t have anything to do now​:sleepy: wait what if you didn’t getting ma English (note to self: learn English again :joy:)

Thank you so much!

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Did it?

No, in my cuntry it’s a bit late and I’m tired so I’ll check tomorrow

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:joy:in mine too,12 am​:sleeping:
Tell if it didn’t work :upside_down_face:hope it works though :grin:

Thank you😃
I know myself
It won’t work just for me😂

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So I wrote character faces right for the first time
I can’t control their direction

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For rear facing character need to face opposite direction

Character facing rear left:


@CHARACTER faces right AND CHARACTER is idle_rear

Character facing rear right:


@CHARACTER faces left AND CHARACTER is idle_rear

Try to delete the brackets before and after the action command, it should look like this:

@SKY faces right AND SKY is hug_neutral_rear