How can I make my overlay fade in - fade out to have moving effect?

Hi ! I’m wondering how we can make the overlay to have the moving effect ? Like fade in fade out ? And
How do we make flying text for intro ?

So for the flying text that is an overlay which you need to create but I don’t know what you mean by fade in/out overlay

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To have overlays “fade” in and out, you would need to change the opacity. Everything you need to know about overlays is in this guide: A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS


Thank you :pray: I wanna know the script template for that ? I tried doing it with the overlay and the texts won’t appear ?

Could you by any chance know how to repeat the fade in fade out ?To make that more realistic?

Did you add the overlay in the middle of the scene or with the background?

I didn’t add the overlay in the middle of the scene since it was for the intro ! Yes I added with the background

Just keep changing the opacity


Thank You :heartpulse: I’ll try