How can I make my own background?


Hey, uhm… so I don’t know how to do this. Each time I try to upload a picture, it comes with a error. I know Joesph Evens and all of those people know how to do it, so could someone lend a helping hand?


Maybe your image isn’t big enough? Episode requires backgrounds to be at least 640 pixels wide and 1136 pixels tall.


Yes, I know- But when I edit my image and i resize it to be the right size, it says ‘Your Image isn’t Big Enough’ or something like that.


Maybe your image didnt save?




What dimensions is the photo?


Is it original episode background or not ? And are you editing it with pasting something on it or just size ?


I am editing the image up a bit, then save it to the same size. When I try to upload it, doesn’t work.


Dimensions? What are “Dimensions”?


Like 40x50. What is the width and the height of your background?


I recommend the website
You can make backgrounds and/or covers for your story too! It’s also really great because you can upload your own images. AND, its free! (For the most part)


I am not trying to advertise, it just really helps me a lot with my story backgrounds and cover.


What is the size of the photo?


I dk, I made it the same one as the 1 panel.


Oh, and okay. Thanks, I’ll try out Canva. :slightly_smiling_face:


If you have a macbook you can just open up the image then click the edit button

Then click he resize button
And add in the dimensions that you want your edit to change to.

I hope it works for you and helps.
I know it works for MacBooks, but I don’t know about other computers.
You can message me if you have any other problems.