How can I make my story famous?

And how can I promote it?

There’s a ton of threads on here where you can promote your story. Do r4r’s. If you have an eye- catching cover and a good description people will wanna read it. If you have Instagram and Twitter promote it there :slight_smile:


Update as often as you can and write about cliches :upside_down_face:


Nahh writing cliches are the exact opposite of something that will make your story good haha :joy::joy::joy:


Good doesn’t always equal famous lol


Don’t focus on making your story famous. Focus on making your story great! Here are some ideas to make your story great!

  • Avoid making cliche stories like Pregnant by____, abuse, bad boy romance, step-sibling romance, love triangles, mafia romance, or typical wolf or vampire romance
  • Include Diversity!
  • Few to no grammar errors are good in your story.
  • Don’t make errors on your directing or it won’t turn out so well

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Lmao wut why would you write about cliches that the complete opposite of what you should do to make a good story :woman_facepalming::thinking:

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You literally described the trending section lmao (don’t get me wrong there are plenty of good stories)


Op asked for a famous story. Famous does not equal good.

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I agree with @Epi.milkyway
If I’m reading the first chapter of a story and there are a bunch of grammar mistakes, the transition from scene to scene is not put together very well, etc, I will automatically stop reading it. A lot of people have great story ideas but if they don’t have a good flow, readers will not want to put any time into reading it. :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:


Two things:

1. Write a GOOD story! (get feedback conformation via reviews)

  • Is my story memorable?
  • Is my story exciting?
  • Are my cliffhangers in the correct places?
  • Is my grammar/spelling/punctuation correct?
  • Is my story different/new/fresh or at least “feel” like it is?
  • Is my cover/title/description eye-catching?

2. Promote!

  • Am I advertising my updates?
  • Am I encouraging others to share my story if they like it?
  • Am I updating my story enough to hold readers interest?

Make your story good, fame can be focused on later. Here are some tips

Come up with a unique plot
We’ve all read about falling for the bad boy, gang leaders, etc. Readers want something unique!
Include diversity naturally
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not forcing anybody to include diversity, but it really helps to make a story feel more realistic. Don’t throw in a random character for the sake of diversity. Plan out everybody’s race, sexuality, etc. before.
Don’t stereotype characters
Not only is this kind of offensive, it’s annoying. Not every black girl is rude and agressive, not every gay person is girly and feminine, not every mean girl is rich and blonde. Defy the stereotypes.
Make sure your directing doesn’t have errors
Good directing isn’t a must, but it’s visually appealing to many. If you’re stuck, ask on the forums! Many people are happy to help.
Check your spelling and grammar
Very important, otherwise the story will seem a little lazy. If you struggle with English, try ask around for help, or double check words you’re unsure of in a dictionary.
Plan ahead
You might want to start writing instantly, but planning ahead makes your story great. Develop the characters, develop the plot to reduce the chances of writers’ block.
Lastly…have fun!
If you don’t like your story, there’s no way you’ll enjoy writing it. Write for your own enjoyment, not just for reads!

Tips for getting reads
• Promote.
• Look around for people giving reviews/r4r, and ask for them to review your story.
• Wait.


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