How can I make my story more unique so that it stands out like most stories?

I need to make my story stand out so that it doesn’t just blend in with all the other stories.
Any suggestions?


I personally think when you take your time writing it, it can draw people towards your story. Also adding minor details can really make your story unique!
Hope this helps!

Thanks, I kind of have been rushing with my story.

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You really need to develop your main character because if the readers don’t like him/her they won’t like your story.


And at first I rushed my story too but then I realized people would much rather read a well thought out story then a rushed mess.
When you publish it let me know:)

Thanks for the advice!

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Maybe try analyzing what the popular tropes are in the genre you’re writing in? In branding, if you want to make a company stand out, you analyze all their competitors and find the more common traits and patterns, then you avoid those.

I actually didn’t think of that :sweat_smile:.