How can i make one character do something while another one is talking?

So i’m trying to place two characters talking on INT. BLUE SCHOOL HALLWAY - DAY and while they are talking i want a background character to walk behind them like in a normal school would. But the only way i can is i have one of the MC talk and after their line they stop talking for the BC to walk by so then they can start talking again, is there any way i can do that while they are talking?


Use & and THEN/then command together. Ex:

&BG walks to spot…then BG is animation then BG is…bla bla bla

CHAR (animation)
Bla bla bla…

So if you put & and then together before the character speaking they will do all those animations in order while the scene down below happens. & and then are your best friends.

then/THEN command:


Alright, so I understood the command, now do i put
&BC spot xxxx etc…
before or after the dialogue?image
this is how i did it

never mind, i took a look at the link, but mine didn’t work? :confused:

#& and then comes before the dialogue so it plays through while the dialogue below is present. If you put the & plus then line after the dialogue, then dialogue shows first without any background action (so, in other words, the reader will view the line after the dialogue is over which is what you don’t want.) What you do want (example):

&EXTRA 5 walks to spot 0.826 93 183 in zone 1 AND EXTRA 5 does it while walk_talk_phone_neutral_loop then remove EXTRA 5

AVERY (talk_awkward_loop)
Uh hi! Do you guys know by any chance—